Mobile Cultivation Racks for an Innovative Cannabis Facility

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When a cannabis cultivation firm acquired an 80-year-old building and set out to convert it to a modern cannabis grow, the design team wanted to optimize space throughout the facility.

The facility build-out resulted in nine rooms, with eight rooms devoted to flowering and one devoted to mother plants and propagation. Space in all the rooms was tight, with about 12 feet in width, 40 feet in length, and varying ceiling heights.

They needed to maximize the facility’s grow area to produce the highest yields. They would be heating and cooling the rooms regardless of how many plants were growing in them, and they didn’t want to waste space. “This is the most competitive cannabis market in the world,” they said. “There’s no margin for error.”

Cultivation Racks
The team initially planned to use rolling cannabis benches in the new facility, but they soon realized mobile cultivation racks would be a better option. They could take the space-saving concept of rolling tables and multiply its effect by going vertical.

The company had been seeking ways to make the most efficient use of available space and planned to install rolling tables in the new facility. As they researched the best brands, they came across the concept of mobile vertical racking, or vertical farming.

They understood the potential right away: rolling tables, but going vertical! After doing more research, they knew they wanted to invest in the best system on the market. “We wanted a vertical racking system and we wanted to grow on four levels, so we needed something really robust,” they said. We got a quote from a manufacturer but felt uneasy about the product and the company’s commitment to customer service. They continued to research by talking to the firm’s clients around the state, and soon realized the system wouldn’t be sufficient for his needs. They were concerned about durability and safety, so they kept looking.

An acquaintance recommended Spacesaver’s GROW Mobile System, and the company sought drawings and a quote from the cannabis consultant at Spacesaver. They liked the fact that the distributorship was close by, with a dedicated sales and support team and factory-certified technicians always at the ready.

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