Hanel Lean Lifts and Vertical Carousels in Action:

Hanel Lean Lifts and Vertical carousels can be used in many different type of industries. From automotive to workshops, the lean lift or vertical carousel you will find a number of real-life solutions that address your storage requirements.

Hanel Vertical Carousels

Hanel Lean Lifts and Vertical Carousels offer up to 60% more storage capacity.

The Rotomat® office carousel from Hänel makes use of the available room height, so its compact design creates up to 60% more filing capacity. This means expensive office space is used more efficiently.

The industrial Rotomat vertical carousel is tough enough to be installed right on the shop floor, saving time and reducing fatigue. Walking through long rows of racking to search for tools, continually stooping or climbing ladders, and carrying heavy parts over long distances can take their toll on the human body. The ergonomically-correct access point on the Rotomat is designed to prevent potential health-related issues. The Rotomat is strong enough to store anything from small bits to heavy dies, and the carriers can be equipped with shelves, drawers or doors to allow a variety of sizes and shapes to be stored within one carousel.

Vertical Lifts

With the Hanel Lean-Lift, we offer a high-quality, high-tech warehouse organization system with readily available materials which reduces work-time, warehouse space and cost which provides a problem-free work environment.

reduce your space requirements by over 60%

The Lean-Lift from Hanel utilizes the available ceiling height – similar to a high-bay/miniload system. In contrast to a high-bay/miniload system, however, the Lean-Lift stores the parts on a height-optimized basis avoiding wasted space. This means maximum storage capacity on a minimal footprint.

The Lean-Lift from Hanel creates considerably more storage capacity on the same footprint with its compact design and height optimized storage concept.

Save time

The fully-automated Lean-Lift from Hanel brings the required articles to the retrieval zone in seconds.

Optimize parts Management

The state-of-the-art microprocessor control systems from Hanel can communicate with your host computer on a real time basis or be used as a standalone warehouse management system. An overview of the inventory status is available at all times, shortages of parts are eliminated and the inventory can be reduced.

use of the Lean-Lift from Hanel ensures a constant overview of inventory status at all times. This means: efficient and accurate inventory control!

Company Saves Over $150,000 Annually

The world’s largest independent distributor equipment used for processing materials including wood, plastics, glass. They processed  100 or more orders per hour during peak periods. This resulted in over-staffing during normal business hours. With the Hanel Lean-Lift storage system, they can pull orders without the extra staffing and in fact, they were able to reduce their staff by half and their annual savings reached well over $150,000.

After installing the Hänel Lean-Lift system, the company recognized the benefit of the inventory cross-checking feature. The inventory cross-checking feature checks the inventory within the units and compares it to the corporate parts management system to ensure an accurate inventory all of the time. When the inventory is checked at the end of each day, any inaccurate information is reported immediately to management via email.

The Hänel Lean-Lift storage solution was the perfect fit for  this company. The system helped them save over $200,000 within the first year it was installed and continues to be a great investment for this distribution company.

Hanel Lift System Helps Porsche – Germany reduce Storage Floor Space by 75%

The Hanel Lift system helped Porche reduce their storage floor space by 75%.   It also helped them to have faster provisioning for their parts and tools.

They need to keep an ample supply of spare parts on hand, which  requires considerable space. This is where Hänel systems offer decisive advantages!

The Hänel Lean-Lift® neatly stores large numbers of parts within a small footprint thanks to its vertical design concept.  Valuable time is saved When a vehicle is scheduled for service, the shop manager can check the inventory to see if all the items required for service or repairs are in stock. These items can be picked and sorted in advance to save time otherwise spent waiting for parts delivery.

Even large components like engine blocks, transmissions or catalytic converters can be stored in the Lean-Lift®. There is no need to transport such components from so-called ‘external warehouses’ that are not nearby. This considerably increases the throughput of vehicles serviced each day.

Vertical Auto Parts Storage
Medical Rotomat

Storage Systems in Hospitals – Hanel Lean Lift and Vertical Carousel Options

Hospitals may utilize a lean lift or a vertical carousel. Hänel storage systems can easily be integrated into any hospital or healthcare setting and increase storage capacity while decreasing the storage footprint. The Hänel Rotomat® provides a safe and secure storage solution for medical facilities, and is already used in many hospitals across the United States.

Many hospitals and surgical centers adopted the use of Rotomat automated vertical carousels for:
  • Sterile Processing
  • Patient records
  • Radiology
  • Pathology samples
  • Hospital pharmacies
  • Laundry facilities

The Hänel Rotomat® allows for constant, accurate inventory control when integrated into existing hospital IT systems. This constant monitoring makes it virtually impossible for expiration dates to go unnoticed or for supplies to run out without warning. The storage containers inside of the Hänel Rotomat® are designed so items cannot be stacked on top of one another, preventing items from becoming buried.

The Hänel Rotomat® can effectively safeguard sensitive materials with locking mechanisms and access code entry.

For hospital administrative purposes, the Hänel Rotomat® is an efficient, safeguarded system for storing important patient files, consent forms, and more. The Hänel Rotomat® is ergonomically friendly and can be enhanced with features such as fire protection, access points on multiple floors, and can adapted to be used by the disabled.

Want to see how a Hanel Lean Lift or Rotomat can increase your storage space?