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Every organization needs to be efficient to survive in today’s economy.  Organizations must evaluate their current strengths, weaknesses and capacity in order to improve their day to day operational efficiency.   Improved efficiency may only come from consolidation and reorganization of your storage or manufacturing facilities. Spacesaver Storage Solutions can help you meet this need.

Our various product lines adapt to your specific needs and can evolve in line with your business. Our specialists offer personalized solutions to address the storage and ergonomic challenges of your work environment. The quality, durability and reliability of our products have earned them a reputation as being among the best in the industry.

Rousseau’s goal is to offer flexible and durable storage solutions that will respond to market needs.  These solutions allow you to gain space and increase the productivity of your employees,  and they  adapt to your environment and evolve with your needs.

Advantages of a Rousseau System:

  • Store more parts in the same space
  • Minimize time your parts department employees searching for parts
  • More time for maintenance
  • More time for your customers
  • The drawers add value to your existing equipment. They can be installed in more than 35 brands of shelving on the market.
  • The drawers are available in 10 heights with 400 lb. capacity per drawer and 100% access to drawer contents.
Rousseau Mobile Shelving


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Industries Served:

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution Centers
  • Defense and Security
  • Schools and Training
  • Laboratories
  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Public Sector
  • Automotive


Spider® shelving and drawers help provide efficient storage for machine shops. Rousseau has also developed a complete series of products specifically designed for storing numerical control tools. This series integrates into all major product lines.  We can provide flexible solutions for assembly line employees including cabinets and workbenches. With freestanding stations, equipment is always nearby and the workspace can be quickly rearranged according to the task at hand.  These cabinets provide heavy-duty cabinets designed for intensive use in machining and maintenance departments in any company.

The wide range of accessories for the free standing workstations allows you to arrange the workspace quickly and to fit your individual needs of the company workers.

Rousseau Manufacturing

Distribution Center

We can help you design optimized workspaces to meet your daily business requirements.

Our wide range of configurable and scalable storage solutions can help you solve your organizational and productivity challenges.

Our Spider® line of shelving and mini-racking, combined with our heavy-duty drawers, can be used to store parts of different sizes together and efficiently. No tools are needed to install shelves and drawers, which means work-spaces can be rapidly rearranged to meet the growing needs of your business. A vast range of accessories can also be added to further maximize storage.

Workstations can be tailored to your needs of your employees. With many different dimensions and accessories to choose from, our product line can be used to create workstations that maximize your employees’ productivity.

Defense and Security

Rousseau offers reliable storage solutions that maximize use of limited space in areas such as ships and containers. Our cabinets feature a range of safety mechanisms, such as vertical security bars, lock and keys, and safety hasps, which can be used to safely store parts and weapons. A wide range of accessories is available for organizing parts, from cartridges and breeches, to bayonets and all types of weapons. The versatility of our Spider® shelving is also ideal for ships. They can be attached to the walls of vessels to ensure that everything is stowed safely.

For maintenance of vehicles, boats and aircraft, you can combine our shelving, mini-racking and heavy-duty drawers for optimal storage of any type of part.

Rousseau Defense and Security

Schools and Training

We can help provide solutions to help train the next generation of our countries workers.

You may need to adapt your teaching spaces to the techniques being taught, Rousseau workbenches are available in a range of sizes and accessories, and have been designed to offer unrivalled quality, durability and versatility. Their modular concept and versatility allows them to work well in your training center.

For classes such as mechanics and architecture, our mobile cabinets are an ideal solution. Students and teachers benefit from quality storage for tools and equipment, with the ability to move them safely to other work areas.

Rousseau’s Spider® shelving system can be used for all types of school supplies. We can help you organize everything from books to gym equipment, with the addition of drawers and countless accessories.

Rousseau School and Training


Every laboratory has unique requirements and challenge. Rousseau has designed modular products that allow you to create a unique, personalized layout for your lab.

We can help you customize your workspace with a wide choice of cabinets, tables and workstations. Our numerous accessories allow you to make your work environment as functional as you need it to be. Adding shelves and hanging panels on your workstation will allow an employee to have frequently used items or tools close at hand. Our cabinets can have locking mechanisms added to allow you to store valuables.

A wealth of options are available so you can be as organized and as productive as possible. Contact our specialists to discuss a custom solution for your project!


For storing and handling sterile materials, Spider® shelving systems offer various accessories for safe and easy-to-access storage. Locking systems are also available for added security and safety. Slide-out shelves allow easy access to equipment and limit the risk of injury. With our mobile cabinets, all equipment that needs to be with you as you move around the hospital is safely stored and always on hand. Discuss your requirements with one of our specialists to find a solution designed specifically for you.

Rousseau Health


The agricultural sector has unique requirements and challenges. Rousseau has therefore designed products that respond to these specific needs.

For parts stores, a solution combining shelving, mini-racking and drawers in shelving can maximize available space. This hybrid system can recover up to 70% of floor space by allowing parts of different sizes to be stored within the same unit. Frequently used items can also be constantly kept within arm’s reach.

Maintenance departments will love the quality and versatility of our toolboxes, workbenches and workstations. Our products and accessories also meet the standards of the “5S” method. Every tool can be stored and organized with the vast array of compartments and accessories available.

Rousseau Agriculture

Public Sector

For archiving warehouses, Spider® shelving and mini-racking are the ideal solution thanks to the many different dimensions to choose from. For vertical space or more compact areas, multilevel shelving is an option. For maintenance departments and training centers, hybrid systems of shelving and drawers can store more in less space.

Employees in all sectors will appreciate the flexibility of Rousseau workstations and workbenches. Furthermore, our constantly expanding range of accessories allows for near limitless configurations, so work spaces can be tailored to the specific needs of each department.

Use our all-new MyModel-r configurator to design your stationary cabinet, mobile toolbox and shelving with drawers.

Do you need to reclaim floor space? Try out Rousseau’s new R2V Vertical Storage. Contact Spacesaver Storage Solutions today to learn more.
By stacking a Vertical Drawer Cabinet on top of your R Heavy-Duty Cabinet, you gain in efficiency by using your floor space to its full potential while keeping everything perfectly organized.

Rousseau R2V Vertical Storage

Do you need a flexible and durable storage solution that will respond to your needs.?