Campus Off-site Library Archives

Preserve Information for Generations

Libraries and archives are entrusted with a lot of responsibility.  Part of their responsibility is to organize and preserve knowledge for researchers. Library and archive professionals often curate and conserve collections under significant space and budget constraints.  Based on this responsibility, they maximize the usage of their storage space.

Access more of your off-site storage space by investing in Spacesaver’s top-of-the-line highbay shelving systems. Our Static Xtend High-Bay Shelving is the perfect solution when you need to store boxes, books, or other materials with maximum efficiency – allowing you to increase vertical space up to 35 feet! For even further gains in capacity, our Xtend Mobile High-Bay Storage Systems provide an aisleless storage option that eliminates wasted space and provides the utmost protection for your stored goods with its strength, durability and adjustability for future needs.

We’re excited to kickstart your project with Spacesaver Storage Solutions! Our team of highly-skilled professionals are well-versed in off-site collections storage facility design, and have years of expertise that we’d love to share with you. We specialize in integrating art racks, flat file cabinets, and other perforated shelving systems with high-bay shelving solutions. We want to make sure your project is successful – so let’s work together and make it happen!

We can provide archival storage for Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Ashland, Richmond, Newport News, Williamsburg, Hampton, Glen Allen, Chesterfield, Goochland, Fredericksburg, and Central and Eastern Virginia

Campus Off-site Library Archives

Expand Campus Archives Storage Space

Space is a concern for institutions that need to maintain and expand their collections. In addition, institutions must offer more open, flexible workspace such as collaborative work areas, classrooms, and meeting rooms. These institutions face a challenge.  Their challenge is to fit an increasing amount of irreplaceable book collections, records, and other materials into a smaller storage area.

Moving seldom-accessed reference materials to an off-site storage facility is an excellent storage solution.   This frees up space in campus libraries, public libraries, and other institutions.

One of the possible bin options for archival storage
High Bay Storage Option

Campus Archives – Change to ‘just-in-time’ delivery

A high-bay shelving system maximizes the use of vertical space. Shelving can be easily adjusted based on book size or box type to condense collections. Thereby, maximizing the campus archive storage.

Utilizing a high-bay system eliminates empty aisle space and allows a smaller building.  This results in decreased operational costs.

A mobile system allows more volumes to be stored. The items remain accessible and organized, while significant capacity is gained.

Capacity Planning 

As your organization grows, properly planning for future storage requirements is key. From catering to growing customer demand and extending museum and library collections to storing criminal evidence in law enforcement departments, high-density mobile systems provide an effective solution for maximizing space utilization.


As a vibrant and bustling hub of activity, college campuses can offer students countless resources to help them thrive. Plan for   the need to archive your books or other items off site.



We offer a variety of customizable storage solutions that can help your campus library make the most of its space while still providing all the functionality you need.



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