Personal Duty Lockers

Police officers, military personnel and emergency response teams have very tough and demanding jobs. A personal duty locker can help them be organized.

If you’re out in the field, Spacesaver Storage Solutions has just the thing to keep you and your gear secure – no matter how big or small it is. Our CUSTOM PERSONAL STORAGE LOCKERS are designed with YOU in mind! With a wide range of solutions for safeguarding uniforms, weapons, electronics and more, our lockers offer the ultimate protection plus an extra touch of comfort with air ventilation features. Make sure your personnel is taken care of by investing in Spacseaver Freestyle for a tailored storage solution!

Whether on-duty or off-duty, having their very own personalized locker space can increase morale and boost performance during those long shifts. At Spacesaver we understand this need; that’s why we’ve developed personal duty lockers – customizable with any storage requirement from apparatus holders to weapon stowage compartments. And let’s not forget about all the special features they come packed with: benches seats , air vents , plus charging ports – so they can enjoy a “home away from home” feeling even while working hard!

Our lockers boast an impressive array of features, from the ability to conveniently reconfigure on-site to strong and durable 8-gauge double-wall steel doors. To up your locker game – we’ve got integrated garment hangers for keeping uniforms in tip top shape, air extraction ready engineering to keep the locker’s interior at its best, plus fully customizable peg board holes on the interior door panel. And here’s where it gets really fun – our selection of powder coat paint colors makes these lockers a real statement piece! Looking for drawers too? Look no further than our witty 9.5” or 13” deep hardwood butcher-block bench drawers with a mighty 200 lb capacity and welded 18 gauge cabinet construction that provides extra rigidity.

Personal storage lockers with benches at Peterborough Police Department

Do you need to provide a secure place for your public safety officers to store their personal items?