Law Enforcement Storage Lockers

The public safety industry serves the entire community and public.

With the major responsibility of protecting all people, the need for proper storage becomes the key ingredient . Law enforcement storage systems are designed with officers, evidence technicians, and public safety personnel in mind.
We’ve teamed up with Spacesaver and other trusted manufacturers in order to engineer and design proper public safety storage systems specifically for your department or agency.  Our primary service area is Virginia and Maryland but also service other areas.  Contact us today to see how we can help. 

Law Enforcement Storage Locker Options:

Evidence Storage

Maintaining a solid chain of custody is a critical process. Losing or misplacing a piece of evidence can create huge problems not only for the department but also create mistrust in the community. Evidence Lockers by Spacesaver ensure a secure and organized way to manage your evidence inventory.

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Grey Lockers
FreeStyle Personal Storage Locker

Personal Storage

When police officers are out in the field they have a secure and an accessible spot for each piece of gear and equipment by their side. But where does that all go when their shift ends? We have seen it all – trunk of their car, gear bag, even just brought home with them. FreeStyle Personal Lockers by Spacesaver offer a secure place for all your personal storage needs on-duty and off-duty.

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Gear Storage

For the units that respond to crises or emergency situations, having quick and easy access to equipment and supplies is crucial. Important daily demands of a law enforcement agency or even a military unit create the need for proper law enforcement storage. Tactical Gear Lockers give you the quickest deployment of your gear.

More information on gear storage:

Personal Storage locker for gear

Do you need help storing your evidence, so it follows the correct chain of custody?