Campus Athletic Storage Systems

Showcase Athletic Programs & Serve Student-Athletes

Realizing Your Greatest Potential Starts With the Right Storage

No matter how remarkable your talent, you won’t be able to realize your highest potential without a dependable storage system. Spacesaver Storage Solutions understands the significance of having an orderly and protected locker room, which is why we offer an extensive selection of athletic shelving units to ensure that your team excels in and out of the field.

An equipment room isn’t merely a Virginia-based athletic storage facility; it serves as both a recruiting tool and form of protection for all your investments in equipment. We’ll work with you to come up with a smart storage system that will make the most efficient use of space, allow people to quickly retrieve whatever they need—from helmets and jerseys down to repair parts and tools—while also giving everybody something to boast about. Keeping everything organized is key!

By optimizing things in its place, you’ll get maximum performance from everyone involved while keeping games thrilling at all times. We provide sports-optimized storage systems covering Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Ashland , Richmond , Newport News , Chesterfield , Hampton , Roanoke and Portsmouth .

With everything in its place, you can keep your focus on serving athletes and winning games.   We provide athletic storage systems for Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Arlington, Richmond, Newport News, Alexandria, Hampton, Roanoke, Portsmouth, and other parts of the  state of Virginia

Sport- & Gear-Specific Configurations

Sports Equipment Storage

At the heart of a successful season, lies an equipment and apparel storage system that represents your program in the best light. From elementary to college level and professional sports teams, we offer various solutions to keep everything organized and secure – making sure it’s always ready for game day! Whether you have a tiny locker room or full-size athletic facility, our systems are tailored to meet your needs – ensuring each piece of gear is given the royal treatment it deserves.

Various types of Athletic Equipment Storage
Football Shoulder Pads Stored Neatly

Collegiate Athletic Equipment Storage

For college athletic programs, the equipment room is much more than just a glorified storage room. It’s the place where gear is repaired for maximum player safety, where uniforms and gear are cleaned and mended to game day perfection, and can even help seal the deal for potential recruits. Don’t allow disorganization or a cramped storage space prevent you from serving student athletes in the most efficient manner possible. We’ll help you design a solution that’s as impressive as it is functional, whether you’re storing equipment for one team or an entire athletic program.

The Right Solution For Your Space

You expect maximum results from everyone on your team, and we deliver. Here’s how: We work with equipment managers, athletic directors, and coaches to understand what they need to store. Then we design equipment room layouts that make the best use of space and optimize staff workflows, and we help choose accessories to make sure everything has its place. Finally, our local, factory-certified crews install your systems, train your staff, and take care of service calls.

the end result is an equipment storage space that will:

  • Protect gear
  • Impress recruits
  • Improve staff efficiency
  • Boost team pride
Softball Bat Storage


It is sports time.   Are you ready for some games?


Methods For Athletic Gear Storage

Recreation centers, college arenas, and sporting goods retail spaces have one thing in common; they need effective sports equipment storage solutions.

Winning Equipment Room

Team spirit and dedication run deep, even behind the scenes. That’s why champion teams’ commitment to excellence is especially evident in their equipment room and  well-organized storage systems.


Team Sports are beginning to be played again. Now is the time to organize your equipment rooms.


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