Kwik Lockers

Kwik lockers are a modern solution for today’s storage issues. Ideal for recreational facilities, spas, offices, and athletic rooms, these laminate lockers come with a large variety of options so we can create the ultimate storage design for your area’s unique needs.

Kwik-Locker is a unique and patented locker manufactured to an exceptionally high standard.  Built from mill finish aluminum with a selection of door choices including solid grade laminate and toughened glass, Kwik-Locker is a highly enduring product resistant to chlorine and salt water.

Suitable for areas with high moisture content, it is ideal for swimming pools, spas and leisure centres.

Kwik-Locker is not just a locker, but a piece of furniture which will enhance the décor of any room making it a must have of Architects & Designers working on high end, prestigious projects.

The attention to detail gone into designing Kwik-Locker is stunning.  Features such as the concealed stainless steel hinge provide a sleek uncluttered door with only the lock and number disc visible.

The solid extruded profile keeps Kwik-Locker 100% square and robust and ensures the 6mm gap lines remain consistent throughout.

The dimpled shelves with slots assist with drainage while the extruded crossbar under each shelf significantly increases load bearing.  The radius body makes the locker easy to clean and maintain.

The symmetric lines, solid extruded profile and well-proportioned design symbolize Kwik-Locker and sets it apart from rival lockers.

Stainless steel spring loaded self-closing hinges ensure doors are never left open keeping rooms tidy and free from obstructions. The retainer bar protects the hinge from wear and tear and is an important health and safety feature.  These beautiful, well designed elements round off the overall impression of the locker.

Mater Hospital Kwik-Locker’s modular construction allows flat pack delivery to site, reducing transport costs while increasing your profit margin.

The clever design allows a carcass to be assembled in under 5 mins without the use of special tools. Kwik-Locker is available in 1-2-3-4 Tiers.  Z Doors are also available.  Kwik-Locker is ideal for a range of environments including swimming pools, hospitals, clean-rooms, schools, office and many more.  Kwik-Locker is available with a range of doors including aluminum, toughened glass and solid grade laminate.

Looking for an innovative storage solution that will also add to your decor?