Modular casework is an economical alternative to custom millwork.

Our cabinetry is sized to provide the same wall–to–wall fit and custom look as millwork, but the precise fit and finish that can only be achieved with computer-driven factory production.

Located in “front office” and high traffic areas, these modular units must frequently reflect adjacent design themes. Modular Casework solutions are available in a variety of materials, including laminates and wood veneers as well as stainless steel and chemical/bacteria resistant surfaces in order to complement a customer’s interior design requirements.

In addition, our computer driven design and manufacturing systems allow us to economically incorporate architect specified finishes and hardware to carry out and implement the designer’s overall interior design theme.

Unlike conventional millwork, Modular Casework is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, and our modular construction methods ensure quick on–site installation that minimizes interruption of ongoing customer activities.

Looking for a more economical solution?

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