Fine Art Storage

Fine Art Storage

Store your art collection with confidence and ease thanks to Spacesaver Storage Solutions’  selection of art racks. With six different systems available, you can achieve a secure and well-organized setup that optimizes storage capacity while safely protecting your precious artwork.

Here are some of benefits Spacesaver Storage Solutions’  museum fine art storage options:

  • Ability to store all shapes and sizes of Fine Art and materials
  • Protect integrity of collections
  • ensure conservation while offering accessibility
  • Optimize use of space

Spacesaver Storage offers products with features developed exclusively for museums:

  • Powered and Mechanical Assist high-density mobile storage systems (soft start and soft stop, programmable opening and closing, integrated lighting, smooth progressive movement)
  • Cabinets (paint finish without emanation, sealed and removable doors, sliding trays and drawers, mountable on high-density carriages)
  • Textile racks (for all weight and length of rolls)
  • Art racks (vibration absorber, double mesh, easy and smooth movement)

Spacesaver offers safety features which meet high performance criteria

  • Security for the users
  • Protection of collections
  • Active and passive safety systems
  • Mechanical or electrical automatic locking systems
  • Toe Level and Zero Force Sensors

At Spacesaver Storage Solutions, we provide storage systems tailored to the needs of museums, art galleries, historical societies and archives. Our Museum Storage Solutions are developed with collection care in mind – maintaining the integrity of your artwork is our priority.

For stretched and framed artwork, an airy rack allows for ventilation and protection from potential damage. Unframed paper pieces can be stored securely on museum board-lined flat file drawers which resist acidity from wooden surfaces. For extra precaution against insects or humidity, metal drawers can store stacks of paper works safely between pH neutral slip-sheets.

Need to preserve a sizable fine art collection? Look no further than Spacesaver Storage Solutions! We’ve got you covered with double sided steel mesh racks that let you hang twice as many pieces without taking up any more space. Add versatility and security into the mix and you’ll have the perfect solution for storing precious works of art!

You can also choose to have your art racks applied to a floor-mounted high-density system where the panels would move on high-density mobile carriages, or on a ceiling-mounted hand-controlled manual system called the Hang Glider Pro, to provide the ultimate storage density. The ceiling-mounted option maximizes your space to its full ability with panels being suspended by a roller mechanism that allows the panels to roll in and out easily and close together.

Both art rack systems create a more efficient way to organize your fine art museum storage. Whether your art is on display or in storage, or both, our art racks will maximize space and convenience with a smooth and easy operational system.


At Spacesaver Storage Solutions, we understand that getting the perfect look for your art is a priority – and our art racks make it easy! Whether you’re looking to add a stylish touch with our Punched Triangle Screen or extra rigidity with our Welded Wire Frame Mesh, we have an option to suit any style or budget. Plus, with an array of horizontal diamond, vertical diamond and rectangular punched screens available in 1” increments, you can create something truly unique.

Our Mod-Glider Pro Modular Art Rack takes things one step further, offering accessories like Standard Hooks so you can adjust your artwork as needed within screen-pattern increments. You’ll also find Premium Hooks for exact placement relative to the viewer’s line of sight, as well as Frame-Spanning Hooks which allow collections between screen sections. And for added support when displaying 3D works or framed pieces? Our Universal Shelf has two rows of slots and holes so everything stays securely in place.

Don’t forget about our specialized brackets either! They protect against accidental damage while providing securely fastened hangers that can be coated or left unfinished – plus there are trays for spears and other supplies at the point of need, shelves for extra support on hanging art pieces and universal mounting brackets specially designed to hold custom storage solutions. When it comes to keeping your rolled textile collections organized while still making them easily accessible – trust us!

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