Healthcare Storage Solutions

Healthcare supply chain management is essential for any medical facility. By carefully crafting a system that optimizes storage, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are able to maximize patient care, reduce costs, and make efficient use of their space.

Maximize your bottom line by implementing effective healthcare storage solutions that streamline inventory processes, restrict access to costly assets, reduce staff time spent restocking and searching for supplies, minimize idle equipment, and limit excess supply. All of this adds up to significant cost savings for your business.

Enhancing staff morale is easily achievable with organized and accessible healthcare storage solutions. These allow your team to be more efficient and focused on delivering the highest quality of patient care, as they no longer have to worry about misplaced items or physical strain. By creating an environment that promotes productivity, you can improve morale significantly.

Optimizing healthcare storage solutions can greatly improve patient care. By creating an organized and efficient setup, medical staff will have more time to dedicate to their patients while minimizing the risks of mix-ups or infection. Ultimately, this leads to a higher quality of care experienced by all.

Modular Bin Storage

This healthcare storage solution organizes any storeroom, pharmacy, or stock room. Color-coded bins offer ease of visibility and accessibility. Great for creating an efficient and productive healthcare environment.

With its unique EZ Rail® technology, this contemporary shelving system allows you to maximize space with an unprecedented level of flexibility and configurability. You’ll be amazed at how many different standard-sized plastic bins can fit on the rail – plus, it’s adjustable by hand for horizontal or sloped storage. And if you need even more capabilities, there are high density options, mobile version and supply carts available too! Get ready to experience a whole new realm of organizing possibilities that will have your space feeling witty and wise in no time.

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FrameWRX Modular bin storage
CoreStor Nurse Server

Nurse Server

The nurse server by Spacesaver is a healthcare storage solution that allows 80% of the most frequently used supplies to be stored just 10 steps from a patient’s bedside. This will minimize a great deal of time wasted on walking to and from the supply room.

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Hospital Bed Storage

Are you looking to save both space and money? Look no further than the Hospital Bedlift! Our innovative vertical storage system not only helps you maximize your floor area, but also eliminates any potential fire risks in hallways or corridors. Smart, safe and cost-effective – our bedlift is the perfect solution for hospital staff everywhere.

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Install three bed capacity Lift
Wheelchairs Stored neatly off the ground

Wheelchair Storage

Storing wheelchairs, especially powered chairs, eats up floor space fast. Locating a chair and digging them out of a jam-packed room is difficult at best. Now you can store them overhead and have them at your fingertips in minutes. Your floor space stays open and you know where everything is.

Say goodbye to cramped supply storage areas and say hello to the Wall Mount Lift! This nifty mobility machine bolts to the wall, eliminating the need for costly remodeling or adjusting your shelving. Operating it is cake – just press a switch and watch as your wall mount lifts wheelchairs up into a safe, secure storage spot. With its compact design measuring six-feet wide, you can rest assured that even the smallest of spaces will be able to handle this handy lift. Make storing and retrieving wheelchairs easier than ever with the Wall Mount Lift!

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Mobile Storage Systems

Organize your supply room and other areas with high-density mobile storage systems. Maximize your space utilization by utilizing configurable shelving, modular bins, and steel pegboard. Make the most of your storage area by using our efficient high-density mobile solutions that will help you efficiently utilize all available aisle space. Our robust steel pegboard provides a secure setup for housing bins or hanging items.

Healthcare mpbile storage solutions
Evidence Lockers

Evidence lockers provide secure storage for biological evidence.

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This hospital cart is designed to adjust and grow with your needs. With WRX Wheels® transport system, you can configure a FrameWRX® storage solution that meets all of your current requirements as well as having the flexibility to change and adapt in the future. Traditional carts lack this versatility, making it hard to find an ideal fit for your needs.

Healthcare mobile cart storage

Does your hospital need a storage solution to make things a little less chaotic, and little less stressful?