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Spacesaver museum storage specialists have experience working with military museums that house large and diverse collections. We understand that flexibility in storage product offerings is key. Museum collection storage needs to be equipped with drawers, drawers, locking cabinets, wide-span shelving and even industrial mobile racking to accommodate the wide variety of items that make up a Military Museum’s collection.

Since military museums store everything from military equipment to small medals and documents, helmets, and even bulk items, the artifacts needed a flexible storage solution. The mobile high density storage systems allow them to easily move inventory and readjust the storage to accommodate changes in their collections.The high density storage saves space because it only needs enough space for one aisle to be open at a time, while the other shelving rows are collapsed together.

Museums can use Compact Mobile High Density shelving for storage.  We often recommend mechanical assist mobile high density storage for military museum exhibits.   For example, a  federal military museum needed a better way to store their over 5,000 war and military exhibit items in their new building with a 27,000 square foot exhibit area. The solution was to use high density storage systems in order to increase exhibit space and allow for their collections to continue to grow into the future.  Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

Mechanical assist mobile high density storage and art racks were combined to maximize exhibit space and still allow ample room for growth in the archive storage areas. Five mobile high density storage systems are now used to store framed art, military objects and hanging garments, weapons, and books. The artifacts are safely stored in the units, and provide flexibility to be able to adapt to any changes the museum makes in the future.  In addition two mechanical assist systems with museum cabinets were mounted on top of the carriages store diverse collections of hanging garments and uniforms, helmets, and officer caps, while small personal effect artifacts can be  kept in safely in drawers. The high density storage saves space in the museum storage area  because it only needs enough space for one aisle to be open at a time, while the other shelving rows are collapsed together. Aisles can be opened where and when you want them by turning a hand crank.  We can also offer a powered options which can open up the shelving at a  push of a button.

A manual art rack storage system can securely contain framed and hanging artwork in a very small space that keeps the art safe, out of the way, and off the floor. These racks slide in and out horizontally to store a larger amount of artwork in a very small footprint than traditional methods.

Museums can also use a small mechanical assist system for a storing a museum’s collection of weapons.  It saves space by storing them in within a small steel vault. Lockable steel drawers keep items secure within the room, satisfying their double-lock requirements.

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