Military Museum Storage

Protect Our Military History – Secure Museum Collection Storage Today!

Military museums are a reflection of our proud history, and they rely on museum collection storage that is strong enough to contain any artifact from weaponry to oversized tanks! It’s truly incredible what these special places can hold.

At Spacesaver Storage Solutions, we are proud of our extensive experience with military museums that contain vast and varied collections. We understand that versatility in collection storage is paramount. That’s why we offer an array of drawers, cabinets, shelving units and even industrial mobile racking so Military Museums can store anything from bulk items to small medals.

For these types of museums the Compact Mobile High Density system makes perfect sense as it enables easy inventory mobility while also saving space by squeezing many shelves into one aisle. A great example of this was a federal military museum with over 5,000 war-related exhibits spread out across 27,000 square feet; they used high density storage systems to maximize their space without sacrificing any item from their collection – now or in the future!

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Museums can maximize exhibit space and future-proof their archives with a well-thought out storage solution – our mechanical assist mobile high density system. Our five mobile systems store framed art, militaria, uniforms, weapons and books securely. The carriages feature museum cabinets on top for the safe storage of smaller artifacts like helmets and officer caps. By turning a hand crank or pushing a button, you can access any aisle in this space-saving setup as it only needs enough room for one to be open at a time!

If artwork is your concern, no worries – our manual art rack allows for secure framing and hanging artwork even when space is tight. And if weapons are part of your collection? You’ll love the small mechanical assist system that keeps them safely tucked away in its own steel vault with double lockable drawers. Witty yet secure – what’s not to love?

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