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Spacesaver Storage Solutions can help with your pressing storage needs

Spacesaver Storage Solutions  Richmond VA  – Do you have a business, non-profit or government agency in Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield, Fredericksburg, Goochland, Glen Allen, Ashland or the surrounding area? Are you running out of space and wondering if you need to move to a new location? Contact Spacesaver Storage Solutions for a site assessment to see if improving your storage capabilities can prevent a move.

Mobile Storage Solution option in VA

You might be asking how addressing your storage can provide more space. To answer that question, we encourage you to browse through this list of the different industries we serve and how exactly we serve them:

High Density Storage and Shelving:

We understand that storing and finding important information is key to a successful business in metro Richmond. Powered high-density shelving by Spacesaver is an easy way to alleviate your space problems without costly expansion. Simply put, it’s a way of compacting storage space in an existing footprint. Think about traditional shelving units already in your building. With conventional shelving, there are typically stationary shelves followed by an aisle, followed by a stationary shelf, then an aisle, and so on. All of those empty aisles amount to a huge amount of wasted space.

Mechanical Assist Mobile Storage

Education Storage and Shelving:

Spacesaver Storage Solutions is a trusted partner in helping higher education architects, administrators, and others understand the complexities involved in planning and designing effective learning spaces.

Whether it’s for a student org meeting, a group project, or a campus event, meeting rooms are always in high demand. But it can be challenging to predict what room sizes will be most requested and no one wants to waste the square footage for a huge presentation room that will sit empty 90% of the day.

Movable walls allow you to quickly divide up a large room space in just minutes with walls mounted onto a floor rail system. Host a large group presentation in an open room, then easily slide out the walls for breakout sessions. Offer the room as small study spaces during the day and slide all the walls to one side for an event in the evening. Practically speaking, this kind of flexibility allows you to utilize one space in a multitude of ways to improve space utilization. But it also creates a fun and engaging collaboration environment for students and faculty.

Moveable Walls for educational spaces

Healthcare Storage and Shelving:

Organized storage is critical for hospitals and doctors’ offices in Richmond. Strategic supply management impacts every aspect of healthcare. When designed properly, comprehensive healthcare storage and shelving solutions help hospitals and other healthcare facilities improve patient care, control costs, and save space.

Every square foot of a healthcare facility that’s used for storage is a square foot that can’t be used for patient care. But because proper storage is vital to optimizing assets and promoting patient health, it makes sense to maximize space with compact storage and shelving.

Mobile Medical Supply Storage

Athletics Storage:

No matter the size of your program or the current state of your athletic equipment storage, Spacesaver Storage Solutions can help your team stay organized without breaking your budget. We can help build a system around the gear you’re storing now, and also plan for the future as your needs change in Richmond.

Create a storage solution that suits your program’s exact needs. No matter what type of gear you’re storing, we offer accessories to make optimal use of the space, keep gear protected, and make it easy to find what you need.

Athletic clothing Storage

Library Storage Richmond VA:

Libraries across Richmond can depend on Spacesaver Storage Solutions for education and library storage and shelving solutions.  With sleek lines and almost limitless design options, cantilever shelving is an ideal library storage solutions for storing and displaying books, articles, newspapers, DVDs, and more.. Cantilever shelving can house media for academic, corporate, public and legal libraries and offers a range of options and accessories to meet your specific needs and accommodate relocation or expansion.

University Library on mobile storage system

Museum Storage Richmond VA:

For larger archival storage needs, high-density mobile storage can help you ensure your artifacts’ security while increasing the capacity of your storage rooms. High-density systems can accommodate cabinets, drawers, art racks, textile storage, and more, and allow you to expand your storage as you expand your collections in the Richmond area

Lab Storage

Military Storage:

Our weapons storage solutions ensure that a wide variety of weapons, from pistols to long guns, are kept accessible, secure, and at the ready. Spacesaver’s products are designed and manufactured in the USA of heavy-duty steel, and they’re used by the U.S. military, law enforcement agencies, and even in museums that need to store vintage weaponry in the Richmond area.

Hazmat Materials Storage

Our team at Spacesaver Storage Solutions proudly provides mobile shelving and high-density storage solutions to the greater Richmond area, including Henrico, Glen Allen, Chesterfield, Hanover, Ashland, Fort Lee, Fredericksburg, and other surrounding regions.

Do you live or work in the Metro-Richmond area and need storage help?