Canoe and Kayak Storage Solutions

Kayak and Canoe Storage the Easy Way

Are you looking for the ultimate way to store your kayak or canoe in the US? Look no further than Spacesaver Storage Solutions! Our push button technology allows you to store and retrieve your boats with ease. With just one push of a button, your boat will be waiting for you at your fingertips. Plus, our rolling carts are able to fit up to eight boats so that inventory control is a breeze! Never worry about dropped boats or scraped hulls again – contact us today and get ready to simplify your storage needs!

overhead retail kayak storage


If you’re a retailer of sporting goods, you don’t have to worry about expensive hangers or DIY hoists anymore! Lift and Store’s overhead ceiling racks are designed with kayaking inventory in mind, so that your space can be easily maximized. Our lifts can quickly move boats from truck to carts and keep aisle ways open for extra floor space – which means more room for additional items. Best of all, our kayak warehouse storage systems let you double up on storage without remodeling, making it the perfect solution for schools who want to store school-owned kayaks when they’re not being used by students. Get creative with your storage solutions today – invest in Lift and Store’s safe and secure boat lift system for better inventory management!

Benefits of overhead boat storage

  • Boats stay safe from dropping and scratching.
  • Aisles and floor space are clear and open.
  • Inventory is a breeze and shrinkage is reduced.
  • During off-season boats are safely stored up high and out of the way.

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