Overhead Storage

Overhead Security Cart Storage

Secure overhead storage makes sense on many levels. Electronics, jewelry and other small expensive inventory is important to keep safe. On the sales floor they are kept under lock and key, how safe are they in the back room? You want your inventory easy to see, easy to count and easy to control.
It is easy to get high end items out of storage and onto the sales floor quickly, safely and easily. You do not need to invest in exotic security systems, this is a simple solution to a simple problem. When the cart is overhead nothing can get dropped, crushed, touched, moved, stolen, modified or damaged.

Overhead security cart storage
Storing wheelchairs out of the way

Wheelchair  Storage

Every month you are paying for open empty air space in your storage areas. That open wall space and ceiling area could become very valuable to you overnight. Storing wheelchairs, especially powered chairs, eats up floor space fast. Locating a chair and digging them out of a jam-packed room is difficult at best. Now you can store them overhead and have them at your fingertips in minutes. Your floor space stays open and you know where everything is.

Tire Storage

Storage space is valuable. Storing tires consumes a lot of floor space. You want that space for working on cars. It is important to get your hands on fresh tires quickly.  You do not want your technicians wasting time rummaging around in the storage area looking for the tires they need. Every month you are paying for open empty air space that could be used for optimal storage. Your overhead space suddenly becomes very valuable.

The tire lift is eight feet long and is bolted to your ceiling.
Retail stockroom Overhead Clothing Lift

Clothing Storage

Storing garments eats up a lot of floor space in your back room.  Every time they are moved they can get dropped, dirty  or misplaced. Nobody wants to buy soiled or wrinkled
clothing. If your employees need to climb a ladder to get garments off of hooks it increases your chances of dropped clothing and injuries. When you cannot see or get to everything, inventory gets confusing and shrinkage can become a problem.

Canoes and Kayak Storage

Your boats come right to your finger tips with a push of the button. Add or remove boats in seconds. Push the button and up they go, safe and secure.

The rolling cart holds eight boats. Receiving and inventory control is easy with the rolling cart because boats can go into safe storage directly off the truck. They won’t get dropped, dinged or scraped.

Overhead Canoe Storage

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