The Package Locker System

This is the best new amenity and service to offer your tenants, and get on-site staff out of the package delivery business.

These lockers perform like an assistant  for your packages, and provide ease of use for delivery carrier drop-off and resident pick-up without staff oversight.   Management can focus on other resident services and nearly eliminate the time spent on handling packages and parcels.

How many parcels are pending in your package room right now?  How many more will come in today?  How many phone calls will staff receive about packages?  Our Package and Parcel Locker System will handle all of that for you.  Packages are deposited in a locker and you’re done!  Notification, Security, Tracking, and Accountability are all handled for you.

Fifteen years ago, accepting a package on behalf of residents only took the property manager a few minutes to handle and deliver.

Yet, as e-commerce has grown exponentially with Americans spending $300 billion with online retailers in 2014, a few minutes has turned into nearly two hours a day at some communities.

With 84 percent of Americans shopping online some or most of the time, and nearly 20 percent doing so at least once or twice a week, this glut of packages is becoming a problem. They clog up front desks and leasing offices. Residents constantly contact the leasing office to ask if a package has arrived, and if a package gets misplaced in the process, there is no way of tracking it. These challenges are only going to get worse as online shopping is expected to increase by 25 percent over the next year.

Package tracking and notification systems have been a recent solution, allowing property managers to electronically check-in an item, and automatically notify residents via text or email that their package is in the office. The automatic notifications solves the “pre-call” problems and helps packages leave the office more quickly, but the pickup of packages remains a challenge.  With package delivery lockers, those problems are gone, and staff time spent on packages is further reduced.

Electronic Package Lockers

The package delivery room or holding area is the second most popular apartment amenity after fitness centers, according to a survey. Residents want their packages promptly and securely, which these electronic lockers provide.

Package lockers are starting to become more popular across the multifamily industry as property managers realize the value of not being in the package delivery business

Let us show you how these lockers can help your property today!

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