10 Benefits of Day Use Lockers

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As more and more companies embrace the hybrid work environment, there is more of a need for storage for personal items. Office spaces are becoming more open and flexible and leaving assigned workspaces to the past.


Secure your storage with RFID, keypad, combination, keyed, or hasp locks. With a variety of lock options along with a heavy-duty steel frame, Spacesaver’s Day Use Lockers give employees and visitors peace of mind that their personal items are kept safe and secure.


Visitors and employees can reserve a locker as needed, allowing them to move freely in the area. Additionally, the lockers are user friendly and reliable for years. Another convenience is it  takes just seconds to drop off or pick up items on the way to their next destination.


They help corporations support social distancing by allowing employees and visitors to secure their items all on their own, without staff assistance. They also reduce touchpoints.  Users can open locker doors from a mobile app, so they don’t need to use a shared touchscreen.

Cleanliness and convenience are two reasons to use touchless technology in lockers. RFID-enabled locks open with a badge swipe or wristband swipe, eliminating the need for physical keys. A benefit of touchless RFID locks is that it will eliminate lost keys.  Each touchless locker has an RFID lock that works with branded wristbands. Patrons/visitors simply choose an empty locker to use, close the door, and place their wristband against the RFID panel to lock it. The branded wristband is a great marketing device.


Spacesaver’s steel products can be finished with antimicrobial paint that inhibit the spread of germs. This can help speed up the cleaning process.  They are also easy to wipe down and sanitize between uses. To help minimize the spread of pathogens, admins can put lockers on hold for cleaning between uses.


Our office locker storage solutions come in a wide variety of configurations, types, and sizes, and colors.  The countless colors and materials allow the lockers to blend into a business’ brand or stand out with a unique design.


With our office lockers, there is no need for places like permanent desks, office spaces, or extra rooms. Day Use Lockers can also be counter-height serving as both workspace and storage. No need to set aside extra rooms for visitor items. Smart lockers bring safe storage to shared spaces like lobbies and hallways so they’re easily accessible


With the self-serve options for office storage lockers, there is no need for visitors, staff, or guests to seek assistance to utilize the lockers. Because the lockers are self-serve, businesses won’t need to designate staff to manage and monitor belongings, saving time and cutting down on operational costs.


Since Spacesaver Day Use Lockers can also include smart technology, with the ability to integrate with your company’s system, creating a simpler and convenient way to keep track of the lockers’ use.  The technology behind smart lockers supports integrations with other company systems, further boosting simplicity, convenience, and efficiency.


Smart technology can alert the locker user via email or text message with package sensors. From text and email notifications to package sensors to real-time analytics, smart lockers include fully automated features that take all the guesswork out of temporary storage.


The workplace is constantly changing to keep up with the trends. So while businesses might need day use lockers today, they might be looking for a new solution tomorrow.

The good news is lockers easily adapt to the ever-evolving workplace. Using the same platform, companies can manage package and food deliveries, facilitate the transfer of company assets and so much more.

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