University/College Mail Rooms

Smart lockers are revolutionizing college campuses everywhere! Why waste time and money on staff and labor when you can save both with a few clicks? Universities are hopping on board to replace traditional library book exchanges with easy-to-use smart lockers, while book stores are utilizing them for purchase pickups. Even food delivery services use them now! So, check us out to get your college student package delivered quickly and conveniently today!

Universities Face Issues with Student’s Mail & Package Delivery

Student mail services can seem like a daunting task, with long lines of students waiting to pick up packages and check on their deliveries, while stressed-out staff attempt to sort through piles of packages. It’s clear that college mailroom personnel carry out some invaluable and difficult work at universities. We understand the challenge you face, and we’re here to help make it easier!

It’s time for an upgrade! By taking advantage of modern technology and automation, your campus mail center can become a much more effective operation with smoother workflow processes. Unfortunately, other initiatives like admissions or learning innovation tend to take priority over your campus mail center—but no longer!

As online shopping has grown in popularity, so have the piles of shipments sent from retailers directly to student dorms. This presents its own challenges: limited space leads to disorganization as boxes pile up and wait times lengthen. Your school is one of many striving for modernized yet safe campus mail solutions; let us help make it happen now!

How a Campus  Can Optimize Mailroom Storage

Move-in day across college campuses is a much different experience than in past years, with students packing their cars to the brim and hauling everything they need for the upcoming school year. Thanks to the power of online shopping and delivery services, university mailrooms are now facing an influx of packages that can cause long lines and stress on staff members.

Fortunately, universities are turning to modern solutions designed for convenience and efficiency — such as parcel lockers or Intelligent Lockers — to make getting packages into student hands faster and easier.

With these systems, packages can be delivered to centralized locations within campus or near where students live. Once scanned, packages are placed in an individual Intelligent Locker which locks automatically afterwards. An email or text message with a unique one-time use access code is sent out so that students can quickly retrieve their package at their own leisure.

Intelligent Lockers provide universities with a smarter way of delivering packages while cutting down on waiting times and relieving pressure from mailroom staff – making move-in day more efficient for all!

Data & Analytics

You can use reporting to track locker utilizations and turnover, which helps identify areas where packages tend to get stalled. This helps you know if lockers need to be moved or if capacity needs to be increased or decreased – all so you can provide incredible student experiences.

Custom Solution for Your College Student Package Delivery System

We offer different materials that are both clean and durable for indoor or outdoor use. Easily add graphics and signage to brand the lockers. Our lockers come with a lifetime warranty.



Saved Money by using Existing Shelving

Improved Efficiency

Increased Storage Capacity with Mobile Shelves

Improved Morale and Customer Service


Increasing Storage Capacity

Spacesaver ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System forms the core of the new proposed room layout. Spacesaver can help a university save money by using the mailroom’s existing heavy-duty shelving and mounting it on ActivRAC “carriages” that move along rails to eliminate wasted space in the aisles. Ergonomic handles allow staff to open aisles at the point of need, and mechanical-assist handles allow staff to move thousands of pounds with minimal effort.

The ActivRAC system will increase the mailroom’s storage capacity, improve organization and efficiency, improve customer service, and boost staff morale. Staff can do their work safely and more efficiently, and customer wait times will dramatically decrease.

University mailrooms face a myriad of problems.  The first problem is students running late to pick up his or her packages.  Next, are long waiting lines.  Then, a greater amount of packages and mail at the beginning of terms and around the holiday.  The final problem is the limited storage space.  If a student’s package is unsecured, it might get damaged or stolen, which is not a problem you want for your college.

Spacesaver Storage Solutions can provide your university with mail services lockers.   Students can retrieve their mail without causing any more issues. The locker system simplifies delivery by allowing students to decide the date and time of pick up. The lockers help increase the package delivery to the students. They can also decrease the amount of employees to deliver packages,and increase customer satisfaction.

The 4 easy steps of University Mail & College Student Package Delivery Processing:

  1. A mail services staff member processes packages and mail addressed to the student.-
  2. Next, it’s placed in a locker.
  3. Automatically, a text and/or e-mail is sent to the student with the locker bank location and a unique, random PIN number.
  4. The student comes to the locker bank, types in the PIN on the touch screen, the correct locker opens, and the student retrieves their delivery.

All activities are tracked and logged, allowing easy confirmation and accountability.

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