Campus Storage Management

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Today’s campuses are evolving. They now offer more diverse options & are welcoming more students. With these changes, there is a growing need to better utilize available space. Colleges and Universities must follow rules and regulations.  We can help you with your  campus storage management.

Campuses are transforming their programming, research, resources, and student activities. That means physical spaces have to keep up with ever-evolving needs.  This is why campus storage is important.  Whether you’re looking to better utilize existing spaces, make room for new programs, or create innovative environments that help attract students and faculty, we offer campus storage and workspace solutions that will make every part of your campus more efficient, organized, and future-proof.

Oregon Duck's mobile storage system

Campus Athletic Storage

An equipment room is much more than a storage space. It’s a recruiting tool and to ensure the safety and longevity of the equipment your program has invested in. We’ll work with your team to design a system that makes the most of your space. This will allow you to retrieve equipment, helmets, uniforms, repair parts and tools quickly. You updated space will serve as a source of pride for your program – allowing you to focus on serving student athletes and winning games.

Library & Makerspace

While many libraries are opting to downsize the amount of physical volumes they keep on-site in favor of new study and collaborative space, there’s still a need for storage on-site. Compact storage helps you keep collections on-site while freeing up space for new amenities. Carts and shelves with hidden casters allow you to easily rearrange your stacks based on future needs.

Create custom-sized meeting and collaboration spaces on-the-fly with movable walls. Carts, cabinets, and locker islands help keep Makerspace supplies and projects secure, and add an element of storage to functional workspaces.

Spacesaver Library Shelving
Offsite Library Storage

Off-site Library

Moving collections from libraries across campus to an off-site storage facility is a major undertaking, but it can help free up space for new library services and amenities while providing an optimal storage environment for books and archival collections at a lower cost-per-volume.

Designed specifically for high-density off-site storage, the XTend® Mobile High-Bay Storage System from Spacesaver is the industry’s very first mobile high-bay storage system. We’ve worked closely with dozens of institutions to create the perfect off-site storage & retrieval system for their needs, and we’re here to help work through every step of the design and implementation process.

Museums, Archives, Labs & Research Collections

For campus museums, galleries, archival materials, labs, and even faculty research collections, we offer a full line of preservation-grade Viking Museum Cabinets. In addition, we offer compact storage and art racks. Keep lab supplies and chemicals secure, organized, and properly ventilated. utilize sealed cabinets to protect and organize any type of collection: from flat files to specimen jars to bulky geological samples. Glass doors and custom end-panels allow your storage to double as display.

Campus Research Shelving
Healthcare Storage for Hospital Lab

Campus Police

Campus Police & Safety departments have the same needs as a municipal police department. We offer solutions for personal gear lockers, evidence deposit and storage, SWAT gear, and weapons storage. These include innovative space-saving options specifically designed for police departments with a smaller inventory of weapons or evidence.


University hospitals and on-campus health clinics treat hundreds of patients every day. Having quick access to sterile supplies allows staff more time with those patients. Compact mobile central sterile supply reduces the space footprint of your storage and makes cleaning a breeze. Customizable bin systems are perfect for pharmacies and supply storage on individual floors.

Campus Medical Center storage
Surgical Cart Lift

Facilities & Maintenance

Every campus has to store not only maintenance equipment and tools, but also spare flooring, ceiling tiles, furniture, and other replacement parts. ActivRAC® mobilized storage systems allow you to fit more into your warehouse and make it easy to find and retrieve what you need. They can also function as much-needed “swing space” for storing furniture during building renovations.

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