Museum Storage Solutions

Museum Cabinets

Keeping artifacts safe from damage, dust, and deterioration is simple with Spacesaver’s museum storage cabinets. Museum cabinets  include locking glass doors, drawer systems, and additional custom features to create optimal museum storage solutions for your facility now and in the future. Approved for museum and archival institutions, they’re a classic solution for preserving your collections. This is a possible answer to your museum storage issues. 

Museum cabinet on compact mobile storage system
oversized fossils stored on compact mobile storage system

High-Density Mobile Storage

For larger archival storage needs, high-density mobile storage can help you ensure your artifacts’ security while increasing the capacity of your storage rooms. High-density systems can accommodate cabinets, drawers, art racks, textile storage, and more, and allow you to expand your storage as you expand your collections.

Art Racks

Installed as ceiling-mounted systems or floor-mounted systems used in combination with high-density mobile carriages, Spacesaver art racks allow for infinite configurations of 2D artwork with optimal protection and security. Artwork can be hung on both sides of each panel, essentially using only half the space that conventional art racks need.

sliding art racks compact storage at Canadian War Museum
archival library shelving on XTend High-bay compact mobile shelving

Archival Storage

When your collections outgrow your museum storage space, X-Tend High Bay systems can help you take advantage of every inch of an offsite storage facility. By allowing for floor to ceiling storage of archival collections on static or mobile shelving, you can accommodate current needs while preparing for future growth.

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