Protective Railings

Keeping Workspace Safe.

Safety is no laughing matter, especially in industrial settings! That’s why guard rails are so important – they provide a barrier between personnel and equipment, protecting both workers and assets. Installing heavy steel handrails to form aisle ways or adding protective railings to any area of your facility could make all the difference in safeguarding an active workspace against accidents. Don’t be fooled by the term ‘guard rail’; it may sound mundane, but its benefits can go a long way for workplace safety – so don’t underestimate it!

Why Guard Rails?

Guard rails in industrial settings aren’t just there for show – they’re essential for keeping people safe. In an environment with forklifts, Tugger AGVs, and other material handling vehicles it’s important to limit the chances of collisions between these machines and employees. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 70 work-related deaths and 7,290 nonfatal injuries involving days away from work were attributed to forklifts in 2021 alone!

While proper operator training can help reduce risks posed by machinery, guard rails are key when it comes to protecting workers on tight lanes. Strategically positioning them throughout your factory floor will ensure that no dangerous or restricted areas are left exposed – so you can rest assured knowing your staff is kept out of harm’s way.

No matter the facility, OSHA has strict safety regulations — but when it comes to guard rails around machinery or designated vehicle travel paths, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Sure, you could mark these areas with yellow tape for a minimal layer of protection; however, that won’t provide adequate safeguards against potential impacts.

That’s why protective guard rail systems are so popular — they keep people and property safe from unexpected forklift crashes or other collisions. But not all guard rail is created equal: Some may only be able to withstand 10,000 lbs at 4 mph while others offer up to 13,000 lbs of strength in industrial settings. Keep in mind that industrial guard rails aren’t built for absorbing and dispersing impact like highway barriers — rather, their job is to maintain integrity when sustaining an impact.

Invest in high-quality protective guard rail systems today and sleep soundly knowing your personnel and equipment have the strong protection they need against any danger caused by sudden impacts!

Safeguarding Your Assets is No Joke

We all know how important it is to secure our valuable assets, yet far too often protective guard rails are given little thought until disaster strikes. Rather than being viewed as an expense, think of these guards as a form of insurance – after all, the cost of halting production due to a forklift accident or worse could be devastating. Investing just thousands into a durable and reliable guard system can give you the peace of mind that your property will remain safe and sound each day. So don’t let your equipment go unprotected- invest in guarding solutions now to protect both your bottom line and personnel!

Protecting your employees, products, equipment and more:

Machine Guard Rails

Guard Rail

Keep your people, property and machinery safe from forklifts, sweepers or any other moving equipment with Guard Rails in your plant or warehouse. Our Guard Rail System is tested to withstand the impact of a 10,000 pound load at 4 miles per hour — providing you with a strong barrier along aisle ways and around expensive or critical equipment. Invest in our competitively priced guard rail system for extra protection without breaking the bank. Keep accidents and damages at bay — ensuring costly repair downtime stays away!

Key Guard Rail Features

  • Rated to withstand impact of 10,000 lb load at 4 miles per hour.
  • Quick Installation – components bolt together.
  • All assembly hardware, including floor anchors, is included with your order.
  • Two styles, single and double rail.
  • Combined rails and columns sized to layout on one foot centers.
  • Optional lift out sections, and offset column base plates available.
Handrails on upper level

Industrial Handrails

Industrial Handrails are your key to creating a secure and safe environment without breaking the bank. Forget about complicated installations or worrying about outdoor elements – our yellow powder-coated finish is designed for long-term durability! Plus, you’ll never need to worry about items falling off when on a second level or mezzanine with the added 4′ kick plate.

Whether in shipping areas around dock height doors or elsewhere in your facility, Industrial Hand Rails’ functionally designed railings systems guarantee that staff remains protected while maintaining an orderly workspace. So why wait? Make sure you safeguard now – make it a priority! Noteworthy features include:

* Bolt up rail system
* Top rails set at 42′ from floor level
* Mid rails centered at 20′ from floor
* 14 gauge steel tube construction
* Rails can be field cut for custom lengths
* Optional 4′ kick plates available

Want to see how we can help you keep your forklift from damaging equipment in your warehouse?