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Improve your Hospital Storage:


Spacesaver Storage Solutions believes hospitals never have enough of three main resources…time, money and space.  We offer creative storage and distribution solutions for our customers. We can reduce capital expenditures, maximize available space and lessen non-value added movement of people and equipment. Whatever storage challenges lie ahead, our goal is to streamline the process from planning to purchasing and installation.

Whether it’s one cart or a new hospital construction project, contact us today to further discuss your storage and space management needs. After all, it’s most likely time for a CHANGE OF SPACE!

Technibilt HD System for Hospitals

HD System:

Maximizes Storage Capacity + Increases Productivity = Cost-Saving Performance

The HD HD System uses a skate concept, utilizing the structural integrity of the Storage Systems shelving units. The low-profile, non-corrosive aircraft aluminum track measures 7/16” at its highest peak, allowing for easy cleaning and ADA compliance. Floor tracks provide a smooth, level surface, when inconsistent or uneven floor conditions exist.

Industrial-type bearings allow loaded units (up to 1,500 lbs.) to glide effortlessly over the track.

We offer layout and design assistance is available for your large and small projects alike. Whether it be one cart/shelving unit or a new hospital construction project, we can support your design needs. With your assistance, we’ll develop a complete storage system centered around your storage requirements and workflow needs. We’ll most effectively utilize the available space with the appropriate product mix consisting of:

  • Baskets
  • Hi-Density Mobile Track Systems
  • Wire Shelving
  • Wall Systems
Technbilt storage product design services for hospital

Want to see how you can reclaim lost space at the hospital?