Accessories for MultiTek

For Service Department Technicians, Rousseau MultiTek Carts are the bee’s knees of streamlining workflow. With tools always at their fingertips, techs save time and help ensure that operations run like a well-oiled machine. To give an added layer of security when not in use, pair it with the hideaway door on Rousseau Technician Workcenter to keep items safe overnight – allowing technicians to dive right into work as soon as they arrive. Moreover, customize the cart with drawers, shelves or bins for enduring performance and get the most out of your service department!

Long Tool Holder

Ensure you never misplace your long tools again with this nifty storage solution! It’s designed to fit snugly on all 5S utility panels, and it can hold up to three of those oh-so-essential pry bars. Plus, it has room for two more compact tools such as screwdrivers – making sure that nothing gets lost in the shuffle. All packaged in a stylish 8′ wide black frame with 9 convenient holes. Compatible with Rousseau utility panels too!

Blue Protective Foam for Intermediate Shelf

Make sure all your parts stay safe and secure with this clever shelf protector! Installing easily in the bottom of an intermediate shelf in a MultiTek Cart, this oil, water and chemical-resistant 1/4′ thick non-absorbent blue protector provides superior protection without sacrificing style.

Foam for Tools for Intermediate Shelf

Tired of constantly searching for parts that have gone missing from your MultiTek Cart? No more! The bottom shelf can be fitted with our oil-resistant and non-absorbent foam insert. It comes complete with one 1/4′ blue foam and one 1/2′ self-adhesive black foam, allowing you to create a playful contrast of colors that will make it easier to spot an item if it goes astray. Sold without pre-cut shapes but no worries – just grab a utility knife to customize the fit according to your needs.

Non-slip PVC Shelf Liner for Intermediate Shelf

Let’s get your workspace secured with our MultiTek Cart shelf liner! This installation fits into the bottom shelf and provides a non-slip material on both sides to keep everything in place, so you can store all of your items securely. With its 1/16′ thickness and matte black finish, you’ll be sure that it will stay put for years to come!

Protective bumpers for uprights

Tired of those pesky bumps and scrapes? Protect your valuable uprights with our black bumpers! They come in kits of 4, and can be customized to fit 42’H, 46’H (with 3’H casters) or 48’H (with 5’H casters) cart structures. Get your bumper kit today for a bump-proof setup!

Non-slip PVC Drawer Liner for Half Drawer

Tired of dealing with cluttered drawers and stored items that shift around when opening and closing? Look no further! Our Half Drawer PVC Drawer Liner ensures your drawers stay neat, orderly, and protected. With a width corresponding to the MultiTek Cart and non-slip material on both sides for extra grip, this 1/16′ thick black liner will keep all your parts in place while you open or close the drawer. So get organized – once this liner is installed, partitions or dividers are no longer required.

Foam for Tools for Top / Lower Shelf

Make sure your MultiTek Cart is always in top form with Foam for Tools! This unique solution fits snugly into the base of either your upper or lower shelf, providing an extra layer of protection for the parts you store. Not only that, but it also has a clever color contrast, making it easy to spot any missing items. And best of all, our foam is oil-resistant and non-absorbent – so you can rest assured your tools will be safe from harm. Plus, each purchase includes both 1/4′ blue foam and 1/2′ self-adhesive black foam – so why not give Foam for Tools a try today?

Non-slip PVC Shelf Liner for Top / Lower Shelf

Can’t keep your stuff in check? Get a grip with our non-slip PVC Shelf Liner! Perfect for the top or lower shelf of any MultiTek Cart, this liner offers added protection against any workplace mess. Not only will it adhere to the shelf, but its matte finish and 1/16′ thick material provide maximum grip that’ll keep anything stored in place–no slipping here! Comes in black for a classic look.

PVC Drawer Liner

Ward off scratches and keep items secure with our PVC Drawer Liner! This non-slip material is perfect for installing under partitions and dividers for extra protection. At 3/32′ thick, it’s the ideal solution to safeguard your belongings. Get ready to make drawer organization a whole lot easier – and more fun!

Protective Foam

Introducing Protective Foam – the ultimate defense for your items! With its ¼’-thick blue cushioning, this foam is sure to keep your valued belongings safe and sound. And it’s so convenient – no need to worry about installing partitions or dividers – just pop in the foam and drawer closed! So give your things a witty shield of protection today with Protective Foam.

Tool Foam

Introducing our brilliant Tool Foam! Oil-resistant and non-absorbent – our foam will be sure to last you a lifetime. Enjoy two pieces of top quality material: one ¼’-thick blue foam, plus one ½’-thick self-adhesive black foam. No need for cutouts; just grab your utility knife and make it your own!

Collet Foam

Collet Foam – the perfect solution for those oil-prone surfaces. Our 1′ thick black foam is designed to resist oil and remain impervious to liquids, so you don’t have to worry about any unwanted absorption. Plus, it comes ready-to-go without any cut outs – no need to worry about punching holes either! So why not let Collet Foam do the heavy lifting?

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