Healthcare Storage Solutions

Healthcare storage systems offer a range of advantages for medical institutions. By reducing the amount of time that employees spend searching for tools and equipment, more time can be devoted to patient care and honing their specialized knowledge. Furthermore, sterile storage options help keep supplies safe from Hospital Acquired Infections. Streamlined organization of medical records is enabled by chart shelving, contributing to faster access times. Additionally, space can be better optimized with surgical instrument kit storage and FrameWRX bin shelving solutions. Lastly, pharmacy shelving helps maintain control over medication dispensation with improved organization and lowered risk of errors.


Managing your storage areas effectively can promote economic efficiencies: organized inventory processes, restricted access to high-value items, less staff time spent stocking and searching for supplies, fewer idle machines or materials. For example, a hospital with an electronic supply system could save $40K annually by adding some locking cabinets. Plus, it’s estimated that


Accessible storage solutions are key in keeping up morale– reducing the frustration of finding missing items and minimizing physical strain so staff can focus on patient care. Create quick and easy access points to store items close to where they’re needed; this reduces fatigue while saving valuable space instead of being used for storing stuff. Cut down wasted energy in search of those mislaid items; take the guesswork out of resource management and free up employee energies for the important stuff!


Every single square foot is precious when providing healthcare services; make sure you’re using them judiciously by investing in compact storage systems – freeing up more room for what really matters: taking care of patients!

Modular bin storage at Peterborough Regional Health Centre

Central Sterile Supply

Maintaining an optimum level of inventory can be difficult when you’re coordinating thousands of commonly-used supplies among many floors and wings of a healthcare facility. Let us help you with your healthcare storage needs. We simplify the process using reconfigurable, color-coded FrameWRX modular bin systems that can even be used as part of a lean management system. Similar supplies can be grouped by color and organized with different sizes of bins and dividers, and shelving can be mounted onto a high-density mobile system to increase your capacity while still creating space for employees and stocking carts.

Operating Room Storage

It is critical for surgeons and nurses to have quick access to supplies throughout procedures. Designed to improve visibility, accessibility and organization of your sterile storage right in the operating suite, 4-Post and cantilever shelving allow you to quickly identify coronary stents, dressing, catheter storage and other items. Shelves can be fitted with glass or Plexiglas doors to keep supplies dust free, and pullout racks and adjustable shelves to accommodate easy reconfiguration for changing inventory.

Operating Room with sterile storage
Modular bin storage on FrameWRX modular bin shelving system at Peterborough Regional Healthcare Centre

Pharmacy Storage

Our professional pharmacy shelving solutions provide you with an ideal storage solution that offers maximum capacity and easy accessibility. Our Spacesaver flexible pharmacy shelving allows you to maximize your limited space, while providing your staff with direct access to medication storage. Additionally, our high-density products can help you organize bulk storage areas in order to achieve USP 797 compliance or accommodate growth within the hospital. For unit dose storage, our FrameWRX Storage System is highly modular and easily adjustable – perfect for picking areas.

Patient Room Nurse Server

Traditional sterile storage rooms can make restocking commonly-used supplies tedious and can create inventory challenges. The CoreStor Nurse Server is a unique nurse supply station that extends fully outside each patient room for easy restocking, with patented pull out shelving to provide full access to the shelves from both inside and outside the room. Patient room traffic is reduced by stocking supplies from outside the room – minimizing patient exposure and interruptions and allowing supplies to be accessed much more efficiently.

Patient Server allows easy access to supplies outside of the room
Healthcare Storage for Hospital Lab

Climate Controlled Lab Storage

Lab samples, vaccines, and other medications that must be kept under specific temperature and humidity conditions require expensive climate-controlled storage space. Make the most of your climate-controlled storage by installing stainless steel shelving or cabinets on high density mobile systems that compact to increase the capacity of your cooler.

Hospital Bed Storage

Bedlift® is a cost-effective Hospital Bed Storage system designed to vertically stack hospital beds using a motorized lift, removing them from hospital corridors and saving valuable floor space.  Bedlift stacks and stores hospital beds to save floor and storage space, secure and protect hospital beds, relocate beds from hospital aisles and floors to centralized storage, and reduce fire hazards in hallways.

Bed Lift Storage
Surgical Cart Lift

Special Storage

Hospital Cribs are big and bulky, and take up plenty of space. Crib Lifts help double your crib storage capacity while also protecting your investment. We can also help you with storing stretchers, wheel chairs, laundry carts, mattresses, and tables 

Storage of Sterile Instruments or Supplies

Fast provisioning of operating room material on demand is guaranteed because one Rotomat® storage system is located just a few steps away from the OR area. To ensure that this system would provide maximum storage volume, it was installed in a shaft having a depth of 20 ft / 6 m. Since the system has a total height of 26 ft/8 m, an enormous amount of storage capacity is available within a minimum footprint.

Storage of sterile instruments

The Hänel Rotomat® is used to store surgical instruments in sterile containers to protect them from all kinds of contamination. The retrieval of these containers takes place at the optimum ergonomic height.

Barcode-supported access control with HänelSoft®

The storage system is operated with HänelSoft® storage management software. Access control is supported through barcode scanning of employee IDs and contributes to the transparency and security of all storage transactions.

Once logged in, employees can enter the item designation using the system terminal to retrieve the article they need. The overview displayed can then be used to select the correct storage position. The sterile containers are transported to the access point quickly, and items can be retrieved for the OR without any chance of errors.

Other Rotomat® systems can be used in operation at the hospital’s central supply depot. These automated systems can be used to store various medical products and utensils needed to provide nursing care. The storage capacity can be  increased considerably because movable shelf racks are no longer needed.

All of the lift systems are controlled via HänelSoft® which makes put and pick operations, as well as inventory management, much easier. The storage positions and items on inventory are identified with HänelSoft® and then displayed on the lift control terminal.

Hanel Hospital Rotomat
Healthcare Casework

Custom Medical Casework Storage

When it comes to constructing workspaces, Spacesaver Storage Solutions is not a newbie. We understand that you have a lot on your plate – from ensuring the space reflects your business objectives and culture, to implementing efficient workflows and addressing issues like infection control. Plus, if you’re in the healthcare industry, there might be hospitality or grant requirements to factor in, too!

You can rest assured knowing our materials and structures are designed with cleanliness in mind. Our case goods feature PVC-sealed edges for maximum protection against mould and bacteria build-up; surfaces are built using stainless steel and/or phenolic resin for easy maintenance; powder coated steel or stainless-steel kick plates provide an extra layer of defense; doors and drawers come with key, digital or smart (networked) lock options – all the features necessary to help keep things secure.

We also offer modular casework that can be easily moved around according to your needs. Plus, our flexible manufacturing processes mean we can produce definitive solutions tailored specifically for you! So let us show you what HAMILTON solutions have up their sleeves!

Medical Carts

Medical carts are an indispensable part of any healthcare facility, providing a convenient and organized way to store and transport essential medical equipment and materials. Different types of medical carts exist, each designed with a particular purpose in mind. Isolation carts secure items used in isolation rooms so that the spread of infection can be prevented. Medication carts keep medication accessible for patients and feature secure storage compartments which often include computer systems meant to track orders. Sterile instrument carts ensure instruments remain sterile; surgery case carts provide supplies necessary for surgeries; emergency crash carts are equipped with defibrillators and other life-saving devices quickly accessible during emergencies. Our comprehensive range of healthcare storage solutions guarantees that you have all your needs covered.

Medical Cart on wheels
Pharmacy Furniture

Pharmacy Signature Furniture

Our Pharmacy casework range is like no other! With modular casework consisting of plug and play components, you can customise your pharmacy to fit your needs – no compromises necessary. With a variety of finishes and materials, we guarantee that it will look fantastic too.

Get organised with our personal storage area – keep your orders tidy in a quiet nook with both open and locked storage sections. We also offer specialty items designed for use in the pharmacy such as gravity-fed drawers in base cabinets, coupled with slanted wall shelves for easy access to medications. Not only are these drawers vinyl-wrapped to eliminate bacteria growth but they also feature optional removable inserts allowing you to create your own custom configurations.

Last but not least, adjustable gravity-fed shelves allow you to view all your supplies easily. No more straining or reaching into hard-to-reach places – go ahead and set up the pharmacy exactly how YOU want it!

BioMedical Department drawers

Hospital Space is Vital

Space in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare centers is expensive: it’s expensive to design, expensive to build, and expensive to occupy. Every foot that’s used for hospital storage is space needed,


Hospital Storage casework for your teaching area

Hospital Storage Needs

We can help you with all of your hospital storage needs. We can help with the design and drawings, work hand-in-hand with architects to get required signatures, ship the custom-designed product and make sure we are there to coordinate installations on site.  We promise to be there every step of the way and make sure all your unique needs are met. We have extensive experience from design  to install and everything in between.

Medical Storage in the pharmacy

Medical Supply Room

Although it may be tempting to cut costs by skimping on medical supply storage space in healthcare facilities, this can actually end up costing more in the long run. Hospital storage is very important.


Ultimate Healthcare Storage Solutions

Healthcare facilities need to be able to utilize as much floor space as possible in order to best serve their patients. Spacesaver Storage Solutions has the perfect healthcare storage solution

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