Education and Library Storage

School libraries provide more than just a place to study and check out books – they’re an integral part of the learning environment. That’s why it’s important that educators and students have access to modern solutions designed specifically for their needs. At Spacesaver Storage Solutions, our storage specialists can help you create a education and library space that fits your vision while inspiring learning.

School libraries are more than just a place to study or check out books—they’re a hub of creativity and learning. Our consultants understand this need, and can help you transform your school’s library into an inspiring. We will help you create the education and library storage space of your dreams.

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Cantilever Book Storage

Organize and display your books and other collections with pride using Spacesaver cantilever shelving. Our comprehensive range of options, accessories and casters provide the flexibility you need to create the perfect solution for your space. Crafted in the USA with expertise, our systems can be easily reconfigured, relocated or expanded as your needs evolve over time. Additionally, our compact mobile systems give you an even more efficient way to maximize your education and library storage space.

Spacesaver’s Flexible Shelving provides customers with an innovative and adaptable storage solution. Depending on the specific situation, users can choose from Exposed Locking or Concealed Caster Base options, giving them the flexibility to reconfigure, relocate, expand or even mount onto compact mobile systems as their space requirements evolve.

Our cantilever shelving units are the perfect way to show off media. With an aesthetically pleasing A-frame shape, these shelves provide both practicality and convenience with their mobility enabled by hidden casters.

For further customization of our library shelving systems, we feature special offerings including stationary or caster-mounted display units that can be equipped with the Spacesaver Modular EZ Rail™ element for slat wall accessories. Appealing to a range of organizational needs, this feature is sure to take your presentation to the next level!

Books organized on library shelving
Education and Library Storage
mobile library shelving

High-Density Mobile Storage

Academic librarians strive to create a harmonious environment that meets both students’ preference for open and collaborative workspaces, as well as researchers’ need for convenient access to research materials. To optimize resources, high-density mobile storage and off-site facilities are employed to compactly store rarely used items while maintaining accessibility to researchers.

Off-Site Education and Library Storage

For institutions needing to both adapt to offer more open and flexible workspaces, while simultaneously maintaining and expanding their collection, limited storage space can be a real challenge. To help address this issue, off-site library shelving systems designed specifically for the task can provide an ideal solution. High-bay systems maximize efficiency in terms of space conservation, access and protection for stored materials – making them a great choice for those looking to free up valuable on-site resources.

Spacesaver’s Xtend® high-bay shelving solutions are the optimal choice for keeping boxes, books, and other materials secure and accessible in off-site facilities. Static Xtend High-Bay Shelving can reach heights up to 35 feet, making the most of available vertical space. Meanwhile, our Xtend® Mobile High-Bay Storage Systems provide even more storage capacity while eliminating wasted aisle space in your facility. As a professional partner, we guarantee you accessibility, greater storage density with ample protection of stored media, combined with strength and durability that is adjustable to meet future needs.

Stationary high-bay storage system for archiving library books
Volleyball, soccer and Basketball storage on compact mobile system

Athletic Equipment Storage

Whether you’re a K-12 school looking to store equipment for gym classes and sports teams or a collegiate athletics program with greater needs for a much larger team, high-density mobile storage with configurable components is the best way to ensure that gear is organized, accessible, and in good condition no matter the size of your storage space. Choose from hanging racks, shelves, cubbies, bins, pegs, and sport-specific accessories to create a full solution for your program.

Smart Lockers for Education and Library Storage

Our lockers make it simple and secure for students to pick up mail and packages in dorms or student centers.  Spacesaver Storage Solutions (VA)  lockers  help reduce the time and labor needed for delivering packages.

Campus libraries, testing centers, and other facilities are adapting to guarantee the utmost in hygiene standards and maintain social distancing regulations. Day Use Lockers boast a convenient modular design with a customizable, easy-to-clean exterior, offering secure storage for personal items that help create safe and motivating atmospheres for students, faculty, and staff alike.

TZ Packaged Asset Delivery system in condominium


A library is a place for people to transform themselves and their community. It’s a place where an entrepreneur can take an idea from a dream to a business plan, where groups can meet, and where students can find a cozy spot to study.


Are you familiar with the concept of a Bookmobile? Picture this – an eye-catching and technologically advanced vehicle, fully stocked with books and media content.


Today’s libraries are evolving beyond spaces solely devoted to housing books and magazines, quiet reading, and studying. More libraries are adapting to accommodate the latest usage trends including teaching, making, collaborating, innovating, participating, and many more forms of learning for teachers and students.


Your library is unique and our Cantilever Library Shelving System accommodates your needs. Store and display books and other collections with Spacesaver cantilever shelving.

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