Military Equipment Storage

Every military installation has to juggle the logistical needs of a small city, along with an immense amount of critical equipment, gear and weapons. To ensure efficiency and security, our comprehensive range of military storage solutions are designed to maximize your limited space – both in garrison and for rapid deployment when it counts. Easily packable into shipping containers, our products free up more time for your unit to focus on mission-critical tasks.

Double handles on the universal weapons rack makes transportability easy

Military Weapons Storage (Guns)

Our military equipment storage solutions ensure that a wide variety of weapons, from pistols to long guns, are kept accessible, secure, and at the ready. Spacesaver’s products are designed and manufactured in the USA of heavy-duty steel, and they’re used by the US military, law enforcement agencies, and even in museums that need to store vintage weaponry.

Unit Supply and Mobility Storage

Military equipment Storage is important  so that it can be easily inventoried, inspected, issued, and accessed.

From personal issue gear and parachutes to records and blueprints to tools and repair parts, we offer proven, military-certified systems that help you better manage time, space and security.

Universal weapons rack on powered compact mobile storage system
Movable modular bin storage at Peterborough Regional Health Centre

Military Hospital and Pharmacy Storage

Space and time are always at a premium in busy military and VA hospitals. We can help with military storage solutions for pharmacy storage, sterile supply, patient rooms, and central storage that increase efficiency and reduce the possibility of errors so that healthcare personnel can spend more time with patients and less time searching and restocking. Added tracking and security features help can help maintain optimal inventory control.

Rousseau storage systems are the perfect choice to comply with strict hygiene and cleanliness regulations in your hospital Our modular cabinets and range of accessories keep supplies safe from contamination and make it easy to create a customized storage solution that meets your specific needs. Plus, our workstation systems offer an organized, ergonomic work environment. Choose from components like a stainless steel top or multi-purpose frame to create a personalized package that perfectly suits your sterilization process department.

Military Locker Storage

Successful missions begin with proper storage and deployment – which is why we offer custom, turnkey weapons storage solutions to match your mission including storage for duty bags, firearms, personal protection equipment, tactical vests, helmets, flashlights, clothing, and boots. Personnel can easily rearrange accessories to suit their changing needs.

Military Locker


We Offer Numerous Military Storage Solutions We offer high-quality products, designed and manufactured in North America, for all the military storage solution needs.


To increase readiness, maximize security, prevent property loss and reduce your footprint MILITARY SOLUTIONS ARMY » AIR FORCE » MARINES » NAVY » NATIONAL GUARD » RESERVES.


Save space and promote readiness with high-density storage options. Is your military warehouse unorganized because of too many items in packed area?



Is your unit getting ready for deployment and you need to store the items that you need to take, we have the capability to store your items how you deploy them: WEAPONS TRICON

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