Military Equipment Storage

When it comes to safeguarding military gear, weapons and equipment in the most efficient way possible, you can depend on us! Our range of military storage solutions is tailored with both security and agility in mind – so that you can make the most out of limited space no matter where you are. What’s more, these products are easily stowed away into shipping containers – giving your unit more time to concentrate on their mission without a hitch.

Residents of the base don’t just live, eat, learn and work; they also have to stay fit and sometimes even receive medical care. A cleverly designed storage system can help make life on the base a little more comfortable by creating ample space for all activities.

Military office storage


The military has no shortage of challenges to contend with: ongoing transformations, frequent deployments and the complicated BRAC regulations. But achieving peak efficiencies in command operations isn’t a daunting task if you have the right tool for the job. Let Spacesaver Storage Solutions make information storage and management easy, so your team can keep their mission on track.


The mission of aircrew flight equipment teams is crystal clear: make absolutely sure that life support equipment and supplies are always ready, secure and functioning perfectly – no exceptions!

At Spacesaver, we understand the unique requirements of these teams. We deliver a host of storage solutions to keep everything from survival kits to inflatable lifeboats in top-notch condition. Trust us to help ensure aircrews and passengers stay safe in any situation – with a bit of wit thrown into the mix!

parachute storage
Double handles on the universal weapons rack makes transportability easy

Military Weapons Storage (Guns)

Trust our exceptional military equipment storage solutions to guarantee your weapons, from small arms to long guns, are safe, secure and accessible when it counts. Our products are proudly designed and crafted in the USA with heavy-duty steel for maximum durability – trusted by the US military, law enforcement agencies and treasured museums that want to preserve their vintage arsenals. So lock it up with Spacesaver and rest assured.

 Unlock Your Unit’s Potential Now!

When it comes to military equipment storage, the devil’s in the details! Our top-of-the line solutions deliver a secure and efficient way to keep track of everything from uniforms and parachutes to records, blueprints, tools, and parts. Step up your game with our certified systems that make inventorying, inspecting, issuing – and accessing – a breeze.

Universal weapons rack on powered compact mobile storage system
Movable modular bin storage at Peterborough Regional Health Centre

Military Hospital and Pharmacy Storage

When space and time are of the essence in military and VA hospitals, Rousseau storage systems offer a winning solution! Our modular cabinets, wide range of accessories, and workstation systems help keep your supplies safe from contamination while boosting efficiency. Plus, with added tracking and security features you can maintain optimal inventory control. With our custom-tailored storage solutions you’ll be able to spend less time stocking shelves and more time taking care of patients without compromising hygiene standards or cleanliness regulations. And that’s something to smile about!

Military Locker Storage

Organizing for success starts with secure storage solutions – that’s why we provide bespoke weapons storage services tailored to fit your mission. Equip your team with the capacity to store their duty bags, firearms, body armor, tactical vests, headgear, torches, uniforms and shoes in a way that matches their changing requirements. Let us help you get mission ready!

Military Locker


Here at Spacesaver Storage Solutions, we have a plethora of solutions for all your military storage requirements. Our products are top-notch, made in North America with love and care. So go on, arm yourself with the best around!


Let’s gear up and protect our home turf like a squad of military solutions. Army? Check. Air Force? Got it. Marines, Navy, National Guard, Reserves – we’ve got the full battle-ready lineup! For maximum readiness and minimum property loss – let’s make sure to stay one step ahead of the game!


Transform your military warehouse into a well-oiled machine with our high-density storage solutions. Feeling overwhelmed by the lack of space and too many items in a tight spot? Let us help you regain control!



Are you prepping for your next mission? Don’t worry, we’ll help keep the arsenal in order! We have the capability to store all those essential pieces of equipment – from WEAPONS to TRICON – so you can deploy with confidence.

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