In the world of doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other healthcare professionals, chaotic and stressful days are a given. We’re in business to make your days easier – a little less chaotic, and little less stressful.

In our partnership with Spacesaver and other trusted manufacturers, we have engineered healthcare storage solutions with all practitioners in mind. We offer ways to organize your hospital pharmacy and supply room, place your most frequently used supplies steps from a patient’s bedside, and maximize your floor space by storing beds in a more efficient way.

Modular Bin Storage

This healthcare storage solution organizes any storeroom, pharmacy, or stock room. Color-coded bins offer ease of visibility and accessibility. Great for creating an efficient and productive healthcare environment.

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FrameWRX Modular bin storage
CoreStor Nurse Server

Nurse Server

The nurse server by Spacesaver is a healthcare storage solution that allows 80% of the most frequently used supplies to be stored just 10 steps from a patient’s bedside. This will minimize a great deal of time wasted on walking to and from the supply room.

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Hospital Bed Storage

The Bedlift is a cost effective system designed to vertically stack hospital beds. This healthcare storage solution will maximize floor space in your facility.

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