Accessories for Shelving

Looking for a storage solution that can adapt to your ever-evolving needs? Look no further than Rousseau Metal’s Spider Shelving System! Our sturdy and easy-to-assemble shelving system can be customized with shelves, dividers, drawers, Mini-Racking components, swing doors and more – making it one of the most versatile solutions out there. Get creative with your storage – Spacesaver Storage Solutions has everything you need to make your shelving as efficient as possible. Spice up your experience with our exciting selection of shelving accessories!

Vertical Security Bar

Our Vertical Security Bar is here to make sure all your drawers are locked and secure! Install the bar on the right-hand side and easily attach it with a quick hook-on assembly. Choose from 18’H, 36’H or 48’H – each one compatible with its own mounting bracket for an individualized user experience. We’ve got you covered!

Security Panel

Introducing the innovative Security Panel – now you can securely split your cabinet in two! This nifty device installs between any two drawers, creating a clear barrier with lockable access. No more fighting for space – each drawer user will have their own dedicated area! Now that’s clever storage … and it only takes up 1′ of usable space.

Integrated Lock-In Mechanism

Keep your drawers and roll-out shelves in check with our integrated Lock-In Mechanism! Activated at the lift of a handle, this inventive gadget will ensure that your drawers won’t open on their own. With just one hand, you’ll be able to easily open them up – and close them with a simple push. Our mechanism is easy to retrofit too – no fuss, no mess!

Lockout Mechanism

Don’t let your drawers or roll-out shelves play hide-and-seek. Our Lockout Mechanism keeps them securely in sight – and only when you need it! Activate the mechanism manually with ease, even when you’re packing your drawers full of accessories. The only thing that could hold back the feature is if you’ve gone a bit too wild with what goes in the back row – we suggest sticking to plastic bins for maximum results!

Drawer Lock

Keep your belongings secure with our top-of-the-line Drawer Lock! This versatile lock is custom-designed to fit any drawer size, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing your storage space. And installation is a breeze – just retrofit it in no time!

Screwdriver Holder

Organize your tools and get ready to work like a pro with our screwdriver holder! It’s designed to fit Rousseau utility panels, so you can keep 6-12 screwdrivers at the ready for any task. And if you prefer vertical drawers, no problem – it works with R2V utility panels too!

Pliers Holder

Introducing the pliers holder! Perfect for organizing up to six of your favorite pairs and compatible with Rousseau and R2V utility panels. Keep everything neat, tidy, and efficient with this sleek little tool.

Drill Holder

Don’t let your drill wander off – corral it with this sleek black Drill Holder. A wise choice for Rousseau utility panels and R2V vertical drawer utility panels alike, it’ll keep your tool in check and looking stylish!

Double Back Double Hooks

Our Double Back Double Hooks are a witty addition to your Rousseau or R2V vertical drawer utility panels, and they come in sleek black color. Get your 10-pack today and make the most of your utility setup!

Single Loop Hooks

Hang on tight! Our Single Loop Hooks are just what you need to keep your stuff secure. Compatible with Rousseau and R2V Vertical Drawer Utility Panels, they’re the perfect addition to your setup – and come in a glossy black finish for an added touch of style. Get ’em by the pack – 20 hooks per order makes it easy to stock up and get organized!

With a simple hook-on installation, our Support product provides an incredibly secure system for storing all types of cans—no matter the size! Plus, it’s compatible with Rousseau utility panels, MultiTek cart utility panels and R2V vertical drawer utility panels. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve even added side security notches for extra stability. Now that’s something worth toasting to!


Compatible R2V vertical drawer utility panels

Support For Plastic Bins

Make organizing small parts a breeze with our support for plastic bins! Our hook-on installation is compatible with Rousseau and MultiTek utility panels, as well as 36 inch wide RV52/RV53 cart utility panels. You’ll love the stability provided by our side security notches, plus they are ideal for plastic bins equipped with hook-on edges – like RG20s. Now all you need to do is grab your favorite bins and get organized! (Bins sold separately).


Hang on tight to this heavy-duty round hook! With its 3/4′ tube, you can easily slide accessories and tools into place. It’s a cinch to install with just a few hooks, and the side security notches guarantee that your items will stay put. You’ll be surprised by its 50 lb capacity – and it even comes in two sizes: 2’W (3 holes) x 5’H or compatible with Rousseau utility panels. Just one unit is all you need for maximum stability and convenience.

Partial Divider

This patented divider is designed to make room rearrangements a breeze! At 51⁄2′ tall, it’s the perfect height for creating separation without feeling oppressive. Plus, installation requires no tools – just slide it right into place and you’re done!


Vinyl Rub-On Identification Decal

Take the hassle out of locating the right tools with our Vinyl Rub-On Identification Decal! This contrasting color decal will ensure that your tool inventory stays in check – you’ll know when something’s missing or misplaced at a glance. Get organized and stay organized with 5S efficiency, all while giving your utility panels an extra dash of pizzazz. Our rolls come 2 feet wide and 8 feet long for easy setup; if you need personalized configuration, just give us a call!

Tiltable Shelf For Utility Panel

Take your organization to the next level with our top-notch Tiltable Shelf for Utility Panel. With slots designed to hold SH52 dividers every 2′ apart, you can effortlessly manage multiple projects and documents. Our shelf is reversible and its edge acts as a dependable backstop for plastic bins or binders, capable of supporting an evenly distributed load of up to 50 lbs. To ensure that all needs are met, this utility panel comes in three convenient widths – 13′, 15′, and 31′ (with 14 holes, 16 holes, and 32 holes respectively). Plus, it must be clipped onto a 36′ wide panel minimum – so you’re always equipped with reliable storage solutions.

Hook For Rail

You can ‘hang your hat’ on these 50 lb capacity hooks! Just install the SR62 rail and they’ll pivot, allowing you to easily place them and remove them any time.

Double Hanging Rail

Rock your Spider® post with our Double Hanging Rail! Our 300-pound capacity rail will keep your space organized and safe, featuring a unique security mechanism to ensure nothing accidentally comes unhooked. Not to mention it’s compatible with SR63-02 hooks (not included), so you can get creative and customize it your way. So what are you waiting for – go ahead, hang up!

Single Divider

Divide and conquer! Our Single Divider conquers those parts that lean vertically against the back of the Mini-racking. It’s a quick install on medium-duty (SR 21) or heavy-duty (SR 22) beams, and can be adjusted laterally with no tools required. Plus, it’s compatible with 24′ deep units and deeper – so you’re sure to get the job done right.

Leveling Glides Kit for Spider® Shelving

Are your floors a bit uneven? We’ve got you covered with our adjustable Leveling Glides Kit for Spider® Shelving! With these glides, you can adjust the height of your Spider® shelving unit from 1 1/4′ to 2 1/8′ in just a few seconds. Plus, each glide can hold up to 750 lbs of weight – no problem! Available for 99′ high shelving and under, this kit is compatible with SR posts and SR uprights only (unfortunately not compatible with RF32/RF36 drawers, RF41/RF45 roll-out shelves or SH28 base). Each purchase comes as a pair – so let’s get leveling!

Bumpers For Mobile Shelving And Mini-Racking

Don’t let those walls get banged up! Grey bumpers for mobile shelving and mini-racking are here to provide your storage unit boundaries with a protective shield. Every kit comes with four pieces – one for each corner of the base, because we know you don’t want any surprises.

LED Light For Spider® Shelving

Light up your Spider® Shelving with LED! Eradicate those shadowy spaces between shelves and get illuminated with a 10-foot cord. Our cool 6000-7000 K light is more energy efficient than fluorescent tubes and casts an even brighter glow. It’s housed in a rigid aluminum body and fits 42′ or 48′ W shelves—so what are you waiting for? Let there be LED Light!

Flipper Door

Introducing the Flipper Door – a full-width handle with the added security of an L50 electronic lock. It fits perfectly between two SH20 shelves, and if you really want to spice things up, you can add SH52 dividers too. For your perfect configuration, contact us today!

Magnetic Label Holder

Say goodbye to paper labels forever and hello to our Magnetic Label Holders! Our easy-to-use 6′ length holders are perfect for customizing your storage needs, as you can easily cut them with either a scissors or a knife. Trust us – label organization has never been easier!

Spool Support, 1 or 2 Rails

Take your spool storage to the next level with Spool Support! Our 1 or 2 Rails offer maximum versatility and optimize shelf space for ultimate organization. Each rail can hold up to 50 pounds, so that’s a whopping 100 pound capacity for double rails! Not only are our rails designed with 3/4′ diameter, making them compatible with most spools – they pivot too, so changing spools is easier than ever. Whether you’re dealing with small or large spools, we’ve got you covered!

Clothes Hanging Rail

Hang your clothes in style with this Clothes Hanging Rail! It packs a mighty punch with an 80-lb capacity and simple, quick installation – just hook it up to the shelving posts of your choice. Each rail comes complete with a 1′ diameter bar plus two adaptors so you can start sorting those shirts and skirts right away. Warning: due to its size, this rail may not be compatible for multi-level shelf units, so plan accordingly if that’s what you have in mind!

Full Height HD Utility Panel

Introducing the Full Height HD Utility Panel – a polished piece that’s ready to make your end of aisle shelving shine! With holes at every 1” c/c, assembly is effortless and fast. You’ve got options too – this panel is compatible with our light duty hooks: WM9F, WM9G, WM9H, WM9J, and WM9L as well as our heavy duty hooks: WM9A and WM9B. Plus it can handle up to 50 lb/square foot (with a maximum of 500 lb evenly distributed), so you can use it for a variety of purposes. Get witty with this new shelf panel – get yours today!

Side Utility Panel

Introducing the SH68 – a side utility panel that’ll take your storage game to the next level! No tools? No problem. With simple assembly, you can install this panel either on the inside or outside uprights. Choose from four different widths – 12′, 15′, 18′ and 24′. And it’s compatible with our light duty hooks (WM9F, WM9G, WM9H, WM9J and WM9L) as well as heavy-duty ones (WM9A and WM9B). Plus there’s also compatibility with our supports (WM9C, WM91D, WM21 shelf and more). Last but not least – enjoy its impressive capacity of 50 lb/sq ft or 300 max load per panel. Get creative and get organized now!

Back Utility Panel

Introducing the SH67 Back Utility Panel – a saucy solution for your storage needs! With simple installation, no tools required, you can fit this panel on either the inside or outside of an upright. And with its impressive capacity of 50 lb/square foot and maximum load of 300 lb per panel, you’ll be able to store all of your heavy-duty items like WM9A and WM9B hooks, as well as light duty hooks (WM9F-L), supports (WM9C-N) and shelves (WM21). So don’t wait any longer – get ready to defy gravity with our witty back utility panel today!

Side Panel for Plastic Bins

Need a place to hang your RG20 plastic bins? Our side panel offers the perfect solution – easily and quickly attachable to either the inside or outside of any upright, no tools required! It’s compatible with all brands of plastic bins that come equipped with a hanging lip, so you can rest assured it’ll do its job perfectly. Get organized in style with this handy addition!

Dividing Guide

Are you looking for a way to break up your SH20 or SH21 BOX shelves? Look no further! Our Dividing Guide easily clips onto the front and back of the shelf, giving you adjustable divisions in 3′ increments. Now that’s clever!

Shelf Divider

Organize your shelves with ease – our shelf divider is here! We’ve got you covered with two nylon clips provided for each one, so you can customize it to fit the nominal dimensions of your shelves. Now tidying up has never been more fun!

Polycarbonate Doors with Frame

Our patent pending Polycarbonate Doors with Frame will have you feeling like a pro! No need to worry about the hassle of an inconveniently placed key lock – we’ve got that covered. Not only can these doors be adjusted horizontally and vertically, they also close with a simple push and can open both left and right-facing. Plus, the added bonus of being able to see contents through our polycarbonate panels makes this door a must-have! Its excellent impact resistance ensures that your storage space is well protected, while its 180° opening capacity with recessed lock and handle make assembly fast and easy. Need more storage? No problem! Our Frame spacing allows for the installation of Rousseau modular drawers for maximum efficiency. Compatible with Rousseau Spider® Shelving only – so don’t miss out on this witty addition to your home or office!

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