Mail Center

Mail Center

In the digital age, where emails and online messaging have become the norm, physical mail still holds its ground as an essential means of communication and information exchange. Whether it’s in offices, residential buildings, or educational institutions, mail centers play a crucial role in managing incoming and outgoing mail efficiently. A well-organized mail sorting center requires appropriate storage pieces to streamline operations and ensure optimal functionality.

Mail sorters are fundamental components of any mail center storage system. They are designed to provide a designated spot for each recipient or department, allowing for quick and easy distribution of incoming mail. With a variety of sizes and configurations available, mail sorters can accommodate different volumes of mail, ensuring that each piece finds its intended destination without delay. Sorting mail alphabetically, numerically, or by department enables efficient organization and reduces the chances of misplacement or loss.

A modular sorting stations provide maximum sorting capability in a minimal footprint. Build out your mail center, workroom or copy center with free-standing modules or combine base consoles with top sorting units to achieve a convenient multipurpose workstation with a flat work surface.

Sorting units can also be incorporated into workspace design for added storage in the office. Base consoles and sort modules can also be outfitted with cabinets for additional storage options.

Mailrooms have moved from the shadows of the basement to high-traffic areas in colleges and offices. They are highly visible these days, so now the mailrooms are an extension of an office or university’s brand. That is why we have augmented our standard materials and finishes with those worthy of showcasing.

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