Touchless Day Lockers

As the world deals with COVID and its variants, employers are forced to evaluate what the office work area looks like. The pandemic has changed how we work and has proven that a lot of work can be done differently. It is unknown exactly what a full return to work will look like. Companies are questioning to require the vaccine or not.  Businesses want to safeguard employees’ well-being will be the utmost priority because no plan to resume normal operations can succeed without the employee.  The hybrid work environment may be the answer for many businesses. People would come to the office for collaborative work and innovation. For that reason and many others, a new priority of ‘infection control’ and a peace-of-mind about safety is driving the need to change — mainly focusing on desk and seating configurations.

Businesses that are able to demonstrate flexibility, speed, and the ability to make changes quickly will be key to finding ‘success’. Without knowing exactly what is best every office or location because every business is different, we will explore: Storage Walls and Locker Storage Walls, Touchless Smart Lockers, Smart Materials, the Modern Mudroom, Agile Pantries, Communal Trash & Recycle Points, and more.

For many years now, businesses have been packing as many desks in the office as possible. As proven from COVID-19, to be productive and successful, employees do not need to be in the office. For that reason, many businesses are looking at a hybrid flexible work setup, where employees will not have an assigned desk. With hotelling, some companies may implement a strict clean, one-day use desk policy. This gives and employee peace-of-mind for employees to know that the desk will be clean when they are at a desk in the office.  But where will employees keep their belongings? Lockers. But not just any old lockers, smart, touchless lockers as locker wall partitions.

Smart, Touchless Lockers

Lockers can be thought of as an amenity that can an “ugly” addition to the office. And to make it worse, the lockers may require an employee to type in a 4-digit PIN or undo a padlock with a key to use the locker. The shared surface of the pin pad or lock is less than desirable to clean and disinfect.

The Post-COVID-19 Smart Touchless Locker

With hybrid work model, your employees may need a space to temporarily call their own to store their personal belongings. With Smart Touchless Lockers there are no locks mounted to the locker doors. And the user experience can be customized to the company’s needs:

  • Reserve a desk through your app as well as any locker of your choosing. Don’t be confined to the same locker everyday – with unassigned lockers choose the best locker for you at any given time. The notion of hybrid working means employees will be in and out of the office at varying and unpredictable times. Give them the ability to choose where to store personal items for their specific needs that day.
  • Using the employee badge or mobile credential, even the strictest of security HID badges, Metra locks can read them to allow the employees to lock and unlock their lockers creating a touchless experience Regardless of the chosen experience, after presenting the credential, the locker door can pop open for the employee to put in their belongings and a simple nudge of the elbow can close it making it a practically touchless experience.
  • Battery-powered locks with advanced technology make it easy to eliminate high-touch surfaces. A RFID-enabled locks pop open with a wristband swipe.

The next area to discuss is creating a division of space in the office.

Creating a Division of Space

We know that post covid-19 workspaces will be different but collaboration and socializing should not be hindered by this change. By introducing our custom work islands, it not only offers convenient storage, but it also creates spaces for quick stand-ups. Creating centralized locations that encourage collaboration will spur innovation across the workforce.

Our custom islands are built to your specific needs which means it is built to work for you. The islands can be designed to match your company’s already existing aesthetic and once in place, the work islands can still be relocated.

Using less desks creates space.  Increase the space further by using locker storage walls. These non-permanent wall partitions still allow for the feel of open office while creating functional space dividers that provide:

  • Storage for personal belongings with temporary-use lockers
  • Collaboration for your co-workers that you need to connect virtually with TV displays and media
  • Wall space for brainstorming and collaboration
  • Built-in storage for sanitation and hand sanitizing
  • Walls for conference rooms without creating a fully enclosed space

Our modular walls are ideal for offices that have limited space and need multi-functional solutions. With the option to combine lockers, cabinets and shelving there are endless configurations that you can create. Modular walls are not limited to just storage – add a whiteboard, TV or use as a space divider. These multipurpose walls will improve workflow and be a center for collaboration and creativity.

If there was a case of COVID-19,  it may help mitigate how many people would need to quarantine.   Now, lets discuss the modern mudroom.

Lockers For Refrigerated Medications

Some employees or guests may need to store medications that require refrigeration. We can provide special perforated lockers to provide privacy and security, along with ventilation for small refrigeration units. These lockers can be sized and painted to fit in seamlessly with other modular office lockers.

The Modern Mudroom

The current reception area that we know today could turn into more of a pass-through mudroom for employees and guests.  Employees come into the building and select a locker to use for the day, preferably with a touchless experience by using their badge, phone, or wearable. They would put their change of shoes, or jacket in the locker for temporary storage followed by washing their hands or sanitizing to cut down on germs before entering into the main office space.

Visitor Management

Seamlessly integrate workplace lockers with your visitor management system. The core purpose of a visitor management system is to manage the visitor experience, it also involves mitigating the risk of spreading COVID-19. It also allows you to maintain a record of every client, job client and contractor who comes into your workplace. It’s important to have a place for your visitors to store their personal items. With our smart locker technology, these lockers know when they need cleaning. Once a locker is used it can automatically disable itself. After the locker is cleaned, it will be open to use again. Accommodate everyone coming into the office without worrying about high contact areas.

The Breakroom

The workplace kitchen isn’t going away.  They are being changed to have less seating.  They are incorporating sanitation, prominent and easily accessible trash and recycle points.   The component-centric product can evolve as this space evolves. This may be a perfect place to leverage those smart materials that have antimicrobial properties or copper-infused laminates. Communal Repositories for Trash & Recycle.

Call us today for help designing your new workspace.

With the help of the storage experts at Spacesaver Storage Solutions, day lockers can be configured and customized into various widths, depths, and heights, fitting seamlessly into your current space.

The way people interact with space is evolving. With space at a premium in flexible workplaces, libraries, and other collaborative environments, secure personal storage helps save space and promote peace of mind.

Spacesaver’s Day Use Lockers are a smart solution for any open office, library, clinic, or other setting. With a sturdy steel frame wrapped in a sleek design, these personal storage can be customized to complement any environment.

Creative Workplace Design

With increasing demand for alternative workstations and flexible work environments, companies are designing more shared spaces for collaborative work. Square footage is still at a premium, though, and that’s why our day use lockers and other practical design elements can be integrated into modular “blocks” that save space and serve multiple functions.

Give employees designated space in flexible offices.

Our Most Popular Groupings

built in wall day use locker

Locker Wall

Turn unused wall space into productive storage. Mix and match finishes and door sizes to create a custom look.

wall partition day use lockers

Locker Partition

Lockers embedded in free-standing walls serve as room dividers while also storing personal belongings.

locker island workplace solutions

Locker Island

Serving three functions in one, islands provide a counter-height work surface as well as storage and seating.

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