Growing With Hydroponics

Chefs have a mission: to cook up delectable dishes made with the finest ingredients. To ensure they get their hands on fresh, top-notch herbs, salad greens and other produce, they’re willing to pay a premium price. Unfortunately for farmers in cold climates, it’s not easy to supply fresh foods all year round. Shipping goods from countryside farms and greenhouses into the city can be expensive and complicated. Lucky for us all, hydroponics is providing an alternative solution that makes it possible to grow fresh produce even in bustling urban areas!

With Spacesaver’s help, some entrepreneurs have devised a creative solution to this problem. Restaurant basement are being turned into a thriving hydroponic herb-growing business. One indoor farm grows hundreds of different varieties of high-value herbs and micro greens year-round. The farm is less than half an hour away by bike or subway from most of the restaurants that it supplies. This helps lessen the impact on the environment.

Spacesaver’s ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System boosted the indoor farm’s growing area by over 30 percent.

Boost indoor growing area by over 30%

Spacesaver’s ActivRAC System eliminates empty aisles. This allows more shelving units to be placed in a certain amount of space. The system consists of rails installed in the floor along with “carriages” that move along rails and support shelving units. Clients can install their own shelving or racking on the system. The shelves slide together to completely fill the room and an aisle can be opened by turning a handle or pressing a button.

Minimizes Farms Environmental Impact

Indoor gardens give a huge boost to the environment! You’ll enjoy all the perks, like no weeds and fewer pests, so your plants can flourish. Plus you get control of the whole system — from choosing and sterilizing growing media to using fewer fertilizers and insecticides. And if that wasn’t enough, you can harvest harvests all year round with more stable yields and improved nutrient use! Talk about gardening made easy!

Benefits of Growing Crops Vertically Indoors

Vertical farming firms are able to produce crops year-round, reduce the use of fossil fuels since machines to transport crops are not required, and water is recycled from vertical layer to vertical layer, leaving neither soil nor water unused. Since these firms grow their crops indoors, extreme weather has no direct effect on the life-cycle of their crops growth, and neither do insects or pesticides. This allows vertical farms to grow quality foods with the possibility to recycle nutritious soil and water.

Benefits of Growing with Hydroponics

Say goodbye to soil and hello to hydroponics – it’s the ultimate gardening hack! Let the advantages of this modern method of cultivation work for you, from saving time and effort to creating ideal conditions for plants. Without a single weed in sight, no need for messy fertilisers and insecticides either. Make better use of space and location, control the climate, save on water as well as nutrients – not to mention that pH levels can be easily regulated too. Plus, you’ll see growth rate improvements with hydroponics – what more could you ask for?

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