Accessories for 4 Post & Case Type Shelving

Say goodbye to clutter and disorganization! Our Nantucket 4-Post shelving system is perfect for keeping all of your belongings close at hand and in one spot. It’s amazingly versatile, allowing you to mix, match, add or rearrange any accessories without needing a single tool. Make life easier with this witty solution for organizing your space!

Nantucket Drawers and Trays

With Nantucket Drawers and Trays, you can store all of your necessities exactly where you need them, no matter the location. Whether it’s an IT department or museum collection, our 4-post shelving system is a great way to keep everything within reach. This innovative design was originally requested by the Nantucket Historical Society—so why not add some clever style to your space? It’s easy with these breezy drawers and trays!

Frame-mounted Doors

Sick of dealing with traditional doors that are a hassle to open and close? Look no further than Spacesaver’s worldly frame-mounted door range! We have single-wall, double-wall, and even window options available. Whatever your storage needs, we’ve got you covered – all while creating a seamless integration between our 4-post systems and welded cabinets. Plus, for those high density mobile applications out there – don’t worry: level rail guarantees optimal operation! What are you waiting for? Get stylishly with Spacesaver today!

Universal Shelf

A 4-post static shelving system can make a great storage addition for any project – it’s perfect for scientific samples, library books and even filing away important documents. And its versatility doesn’t stop there – you can also outfit your shelf with lockable doors, drawers, bins and pullout reference shelves depending on what you need. Plus, thanks to the unique design of 4-post static shelving units you can easily add in divider rods, file dividers and bin dividers to further customize your organizational setup. So why not get creative – give your stuff a place to call home!

Modular Bin Shelving

Introducing the Modular Bin Storage System: an ingeniously designed framework that comes with a one-of-a-kind rail system and loads of cleverly crafted components like bins and shelves which hang on a horizontal rail. Our bin shelving was created to hold as many standard sized plastic bins as possible – they can be adjusted by hand, plus you have the option of either horizontal or slanted storage! Aside from this, other features include end-panels, canopy tops, 2 position adjustable shelves and pass through or low-back sloped shelves. On top of all this we also have slat wall accessories for hanging items and different types of bins such as plastic hanging bins or wire baskets. Get ready to organize in style!

Double-Face Through Shelf with Center stop

Our BACKSTOP Support bar is the perfect way to keep your media organized and secure. It helps you slide in dividers, so nothing slips out of place – no more individual backstops needed! With a dash of wit and a sprinkle of convenience, we make it easy for you to store your treasured items in style.

Tambour Doors

Tambour door storage cabinets offer all the perks of lateral file and open shelving, but without any of their setbacks. Lateral cabinets are perfect for keeping stored files safe, yet they have two main issues: they only store documents and occupy a hefty amount of space. Open shelving provides an array of storage options while utilizing existing area efficiently – but unfortunately not securely. That’s where Tambour doors come in! Installing them will give you the security you need to keep your items safe.

Weapon Rack II

Keep your weapons safe and secure with the Weapon Rack II. A welded frame, butt holder, and powder-coated adjustable barrel rest combine to securely store 20-pound or heavier guns of any shape or size. And for those who need a mobile system for their weapons, bungee cords can be ordered separately to hold them in place! All this plus perforated doors and sides make inventory assessments fast and easy–just another feature that makes the Weapon Rack II a smart choice.

Say goodbye to the days of having a wobbly barrel rest! Our adjustable rest provides superior stability, so you can trust it with even your most scoped or pistol-gripped weapons. Not only is it easy to access, but it’s also easy to put together – perfect for customizing your Spacesaver 4-Post and Case Type Uprights. Plus, its rubber-coated base plates and barrel rest mean that not only will your weapon be secure, but they’ll be protected against scratches too!

Weapon Rack II can stand-alone or be secured inside 4-Post and Case Shelving. Weapon racks should be placed on a bottom shelf with a minimum depth of 10″.

Hanger Rail

The 4-Post Hanger Rail is a practical and cost-effective storage solution for all your hanging needs! Designed to handle clothing, uniforms, athletic gear, evidence bags and more; this rail has widths of 12” to 48” in 1” increments. Its 14-gauge steel construction provides extra strength and stability while its 1.04” tall hanger rail keeps things at the perfect level. The two included hanger rail brackets can be securely attached to any 4-Post upright with rivets – so you know your belongings are safe! Get creative with the notches spaced equally allowing up to 3 rails across the pair of brackets – witty solutions await!

Pull-Out Reference Shelf

Add extra workspace to your full-height unit with pull-out work shelves–now that’s convenient! With a load capacity of 50 lbs. (23 kg), you’ll be able to reference those shelved materials in no time!

Bin Divider with Acrylic Bin Front

Our crystal clear plastic bin windows let you peek inside the bin, keeping dust and debris from contaminating vital medical supplies. Plus, our handy bin dividers and partitions help maximize storage while neatly organizing those important items – all with a witty twist!

Hinged Doors

Looking for a bit more security and safety in your shelving system or cabinet? Look no further! Our hinged door systems have got you covered – frame-mounted doors feature a separate four-sided frame, providing strength, stability and an array of door panel options. Meanwhile, our bracket-mounted doors don’t even require drilling into the uprights – so you can keep all the protection without any of the fuss. So come on over to check out our welded cabinets for all your hinged door needs!

Divider Rods

Be wowed by the versatility of Spacesaver’s 4-post shelving! Our system offers you a ton of ways to organize your items in customized compartments. With its universal slots, our shelves give you the ability to attach file dividers, bin dividers and divider rods – allowing you to store whatever it is that fits best within your space. Get creative; stack boxes, add colour coded files with dividers and maximize storage power with compartmented bin dividers all on the same shelf – with no extra cost for your added convenience!

Receding Door

Open shelving can be easily secured with our cabinets–or if you’re looking for additional storage, choose the Roll-Out Interior Drawer. With single-hinge doors, you’ll have full access to all your weapons and utilize every bit of space inside. But why stop there? Our receding doors go one step further by neatly tucking away into the cabinet while still giving you seven secure locking points and a spot for a padlock of your choosing! So whichever way you look at it, our cabinets give the perfect balance between maximum storage and peace of mind.

Hanging Files

Looking for a smart and stylish way to store your sheet music or other papers? Look no further, 4-Post Shelving with Hanging Files offers open-shelf access to all your files in suspended compartments. It’s the perfect witty solution!


Roll-Out Interior Drawer

No need to worry about how to store your documents – this system is versatile and can be tailored for you. Whether it’s hung from the top tab of a folder or laid out on an open shelf, with either side-tab or top-tab folders, we’ve got you covered!


Say goodbye to the days of not being able to find what you need in your storage space! 4-Post and Case-Type Shelving are here to make organizing media a breeze. Choose from multiple adjustable compartments and accessories, ensuring full accessibility and security for all your stored items. Plus, with our witty selection of drawers, you’re sure to never waste time searching again!

Aisle Identification Options

Our optional range finders and card holders make finding and returning materials a piece of cake – no more searching around!

Label Holder

Add a bit of flair to your shelves with these optional adhesive label holders! They’re ready-to-use and can be sized up to 47 3/4”, so you can customize the length however you please.

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