Vidir can be your custom storage solutions provider for your special requirements. Our engineering and sales teams understand the value of partnering with you and your team to maximize value, storage efficiency, and provide low cost of ownership through design and performance. When you take advantage of our engineering process, you enlist a team of experts that become part of your design process. Carrier and carousel specifications, configurations and sizes are user definable to store various product types

Heavy Duty Carousels

We offer a selection of Heavy Duty versions of our best seller standard carousels and custom carousel range. These heavy duty machines can take challenging loads while managing lifting weights up to 27,000 lbs.

Multi-Tower Carousels

The Multi-Tower Carousel is an automated vertical carousel system that comprises of multiple standard carousel rows combined into a single machine. Multi-Tower carousel configurations offer a much higher storing capacity than a single unit and thus greatly maximize the space usage and efficiency.

Bridged Carousel (OTT)

The Bridged Carousel, also known as the OTT Carousel, is a special configuration designed to make the best use of spatial conditions whilst providing incredible storage density capabilities. This type of carousel is purpose designed to free space above warehouses or production lines as it allows traffic below to flow unimpeded.

Multi-Space Carousels

Typical carousels features fixed spacing which accommodates product up to a certain size on a single carousel. A multi-spaced carousels features variable spacing which allows products of various sizes to be stored on a single carousel providing the best vertical space efficiencies regardless of whether the item in question occupies 20” or 10” of vertical space within the carousel.

Presentation Arm

The presentation arm is a pneumatic arm that is designed to mechanically remove carriers from the carousel to allow continuous operation while product is processed directly from the presentation arm. Additional benefits in stability and control are gained through the use of the presentation arm.

Gantry Crane

Gantry cranes can be attached to the face of a carousel to allow for product with special material handling requirements to be lifted out of specially designed carriers.

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