Machine Guarding

Keeping Machines Safe

Not sure how to keep your personnel safe while they work with automated equipment? Look no further than our simple, yet effective machine guarding systems! Our Special lift-Out system is the perfect way to guard welding machines, stretch wrappers, or any other automated equipment that needs to be accessible. And it’ll have you and your team smiling in no time!

Protecting your automated equipment or machines:

Machine Guarding – Economical and Safe

Don’t take a chance with personnel safety – use machine guard systems to reduce the risks associated with automated equipment. Our barriers are an affordable and sturdy solution for any job site. With our system, you can easily add access doors or larger openings for extra versatility.

Safety doesn’t have to be complicated! Our wire mesh is resilient enough to handle bumps and bruises, never needs repairs and is so easy to install that no electrical supplies are necessary. So why not keep your team safe while also containing malfunctioning machinery? Invest in one of our fully-framed woven or welded wire mesh panels – secure fencing around your dangerous machines has never been easier!

Machine guard protecting employees from automated machine.
Guard post with panels

Quick Access Machine Guarding

Security and Safety are the Top Priority

We’ve designed our lift-out panels with a tool removable bolt on the inside of each panel system, so that no one can take out the guard while your machine or robot is in operation. For further peace of mind, we offer an interlock switch to accompany your door – disengage it to shut down your machinery instantly. Easily access guarded machines by removing the bolt from any panel first, then moving outside the machine guard system and taking off any panel from its upright posts.

Check Out These Amazing Features:

Our standard size panels come at 6′-2 13/16’H & 8′-1 1/4′ high by 0′-6′ to 5′-0′ wide. Plus, you can always get custom sized panels or special heights! Every framed panel ensures strength and stability throughout. We even have hinged and slide doors available too! What more could you ask for? Installation has never been easier – thanks to our Lift-Out design which cuts setup time in half! Each piece of hardware comes with its own special tool removable mechanism (to meet OSHA & ANSI/RIA standards) as well as anchors included for free. Our stock powder coat black finishes on panels with yellow post will make any workspace look pleasant and professional. Choose between woven and welded mesh options, expanded metal sheet metal, or clear polycarbonate too! Oh, don’t forget about lock out plate and pull handles which come standardized.  If that wasn’t enough already, we also provide safety interlocks with mounting plates for extra precautionary measures.

Want to learn how to effectively protect personnel from the dangers posed by automated equipment?