Machine Guarding

Keeping Machines Safe

Machine Guarding Systems are a simple, effective way to protect and separate personnel from the dangers posed by automated equipment.  A Special lift-Out machine guarding system is perfect for guarding welding machines, stretch wrappers, or any other automated equipment that also needs to be easily accessible.

Protecting your automated equipment or machines:

Machine Guarding – Economical and Safe

Machine guarding systems from are a simple, effective way to protect personnel from the dangers posed by automated equipment. These barriers are a strong and economical solution to plant safety needs.  The versatility of the system allows easy integration of access doors or larger openings with system controls.

Machine Guarding also doubles as a safety net by containing malfunctioning equipment.  The wire mesh is very resilient; it resists dings, retains its shape, and is virtually maintenance free.

These fully-framed woven wire or welded wire mesh panels bolt to posts forming a strong, secure barrier around dangerous automated equipment.  These systems do not require electricity to keep your machines safe.

Machine guard protecting employees from automated machine.
Guard post with panels

Quick Access Machine Guarding

Security and Safety Come First

Each lift-out panel is designed for a tool removable bolt to be fastened on the inside of the panel system. With this bolt in place, no one can lift out the guarding panel while the machine or robot is operating. A safety switch or interlock can be supplied with the door. Once the interlock is disengaged, the machine or robot will shut down immediately. Once the machine or robot has shut down, you may then go to any panel, remove the bolt, go to the outside of the machine guard system, and lift the panel off from the upright posts in order to access the guarded machine or robot.

Key Features

  • Standard size panels are 6′-2 13/16″H & 8′-1 1/4″ high by 0′-6″ to 5′-0″ wide.
  • Panels install vertically between 6’6-3/4″H & 8′-5 1/4″H Posts (4″ sweep).
  • Custom size panels and special heights available.
  • Fully framed panel adds strength and stability unequalled in the industry.
  • Hinged and slide doors available.
  • Lift-Out design allows for 50% faster installation.
  • One piece special tool removable hardware meets OSHA & ANSI/RIA standards.
  • All hardware including anchors included.
  • Stock powder coat black panel & yellow post finish.
  • Panels may be ordered in alternate woven and welded mesh options, expanded metal, sheet metal, or clear polycarbonate.
  • Lock out plate and pull handle come standard.
  • Safety Interlocks available with mounting plates.

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