Accessories for Cabinets

Making the most of your cabinets is all about having the right accessories! With our selection, you can save time and energy while also ensuring that your team has everything they need to work safely and efficiently. Add personality with dividers, secure it up with locks, upgrade organizational ability or just make it look a bit snazzier with cabinet tops – whatever it takes for you to customize your system and get the job done.

Vertical Security Bar

Secure your drawers with a padlock on the left or right of your cabinet! Our safety hasp is perfectly placed at the top of each bar, so you can access all drawers between 20’H and 54’H. Installing these bars against walls won’t be an issue either – you’ll still have full access to everything. Plus, if different users need to use the same cabinet, more than one bar can be put in place!

Security Panel

Secure your drawers and create designated storage space with ease! This nifty lock will fit snugly between two drawers, allowing each user to keep their items safe and organized. Now you can maximize the usability of your cabinet without sacrificing an inch of space!

Central Locking System

Keep all your drawers and roll-out shelves secure with the touch of a button! Easily customize their positions to fit your space, no remodeling required. Lock up in style!

Cabinet  Safety Hasp

Lock your cabinet in a snap! Our clever solution allows you to secure all drawers and roll-out shelves in one swift move. Plus, its easy-to-change design ensures that configurations can be adjusted whenever needed. So upgrade to our RB10 Vertical Security Bar and make protecting your stuff a breeze!

True One-Drawer-at-a-Time System

Say goodbye to your worries about multiple drawers opening at once with the RB15! It’s the perfect retrofit solution for cabinets of any size – just let us know how many drawers and roll-out shelves you have, and we’ll do the rest. Enjoy lasting stability and peace of mind with this cleverly crafted addition!

Electronic Lock For Cabinet With Drawers

Secure all your drawers with a single electronic lock! No key required – just program up to 20 different users with their own unique 4-8 digit access codes. Streamline access management and make life easier with this simple solution. Get the complete mechanism today when you order an RB00-DDHHL50, or get the lock on its own by ordering an HA62-L50. Unlock the convenience!

Electronic Lock For Doors

Secure your cabinet doors with electronic locks and 4- to 8-digit access codes! Have up to 20 different users fit the bill – no key required. The tech works for all types of swing doors, from single and double to polycarbonate – with or without frame. Keep it safe in an instant!

Steel Top With Rubber Mat

This 1/8′-thick non-slip neoprene surface comes with extra grip on the sides and back as an added bonus. Its height of only 1′ adds a touch of convenience that’s to be admired!

Laminated Hardwood Top

Achieve optimum performance in any industrial setting with this 13/4′ hardwood slat. Its varnish finish gives it a sleek, attractive look and its 90° radius front edge adds to the comfortability factor. Plus, for extra resilience and durability, it boasts optimal impact resistance. In other words, you can rest assured that your projects will run smoothly!

Stainless Steel Top

Break out the 16ga stainless steel RC35-WWDD for a work surface that won’t back down from any impact! Not only is it highly corrosion- and chemical-resistant, but its extra thick particle board top with brushed finish also meets CARB regulations on formaldehyde emissions. And we haven’t forgotten the aesthetics – check out those welded corners for an eye-catching look. This 12ga version will serve you just as well – same construction and quality, but 13⁄4′ thick.

Marine Edge Stainless Steel Top

Marine edge 16ga and 12ga stainless steel, RC35-WWDD-16M and RC35-WWDD-12M respectively – keeping small objects or liquids from making a splash beneath your work surface.

This nifty combination of particle board top with 4 brushed finish stainless steel provides not only an attractive appearance but excellent corrosion & chemical resistance. Plus, the added bonus of CARB regulations compliance on formaldehyde emissions – so you can rest easy knowing it’s one less thing to worry about! With its welded corners and 13⁄4′ thickness, this kitchen accessory is sure to provide a safe yet witty working experience.

Painted Steel Tops

This top is the ideal work surface and provides a protective shield from whatever life throws your way. Crafted with particle board and finished off with a glossy painted steel cover, each corner welded to ensure an attractive look. Plus, it’s compliant with CARB regulations on formaldehyde emissions so you don’t have to worry about any toxins in your home. And since it’s 13⁄4′ thick, you can trust that this piece will stand up to all your projects!

Sloped Top

This ingeniously designed 30° sloped surface opens up to store your documents and other items in a safe, secure space. It’s compatible with a 1⁄2′ dia. articulated lamp and can hold up to 100lb when distributed evenly. Keep your precious belongings safe by opting for a top three inches deeper than the cabinet – that is, 27’D cabinet + door with 3’D frame = 30’D top – then lock it up securely with the standard lock included!

Partial Divider

Our specially designed patent means the position can be changed with a jiffy! With a height of 51⁄2′, our product is easy to install with no tools required. Get ready for an effortless adjustment experience with our one-of-a-kind invention.


Back or Side Stop

Painted steel to bring a pop of color? WS18’s got you covered. Sleek and sparkly stainless steel for a modern vibe? WS98 is here for you! No matter which top dimensions you have, our product can be installed either on the back or sides – just the way you like it! Together with its height of 5 inches and a clearance of 31/4 inches from your top surface, this item is sure to fit right in – give it a try!

Stacking Cabinets

Let’s get organized! This shelf set allows you to customize the clearance between shelves with one-inch increments. And don’t worry, it comes complete with a standard lock on each door and hardware for stacking your items. Available in heights of 24′, 30′ and 34′. Now that’s something to smile about!

Cover Panel for Computer Mount

Enhance your workstation with our painted steel RC68 or go for the classic stainless steel RC69. Get creative and combine it with a power feed panel or give your workspace an extra touch of elegance with a cover panel. And if you want to take it up a notch, add a back finishing panel – the choice is yours!

Power Feed Panel

Give your worktops a brilliant upgrade with our RC64 painted steel and RC65 stainless steel power bars! Each bar comes equipped with three 12A outlets, but we’ve got even more options like a knockout for pneumatic connection, a perforation (with cover plate) for telephone/Ethernet jack, and two USB ports. Perfect for installing on the RC35 and RC37 tops! So why wait? Make your space extra witty today!

LCD Monitor Arm

Make any workspace wise with our two-section articulating arm! Supports most LCD monitors (max. 21′) and complies with VESA 75 and 100 monitor mounting standards to give you total flexibility in adjusting your screen’s position – tilt it to the perfect angle for better ergonomics, or swivel it into just the right spot. Plus, order one or two arms depending on your needs – we’ve got a smart solution for every space.


Laptop Arm

This laptop tray is a workaholic’s dream come true. With an impressive usable area of 14’W x 12’D, it can easily store laptops, documents, binders and more. What’s more? It also comes with a two-section articulating arm for enhanced adjustability and the tray can be tilted for increased ergonomic comfort. Get ready to tackle your workload like never before!

LCD Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse Mount

A stylish solution that combines fashion and function, the monitor tray is perfect for any modern workspace. With a usable area of 23 5/8’W x 81/2’D and an articulating arm for your keyboard, it’s designed to fit most LCD monitors up to 21′. Plus, you’ll enjoy optimal ergonomics with its adjustable screen tilt feature. To top it off, this work station also meets VESA 75 & 100 standards – ensuring convenience and reliability.

Tablet Arm

Our mount works with virtually every tablet out there – no matter how small or large! Enjoy the convenience of a two-section articulating arm which enhances adjustability, while the non-slip surface clamps and mounts keep your device safe and stable. Plus, you can even tilt it for optimum ergonomics. We support tablets in sizes: from 7 5/8′ to 10′ (small) or 9 7/8′ to 12 1/4′ (large). Try us out – your tablet will thank you!


Side Utility Panel

Say goodbye to your storage struggles with our 5S storage accessory! This awesome gadget is designed to maximize the cabinet space in no time, quickly and easily installing on the sides of R cabinets. With perforations c/c 1′ apart, it’s compatible with a range of WM9 hooks, tool holders, bin rails, can holders, shelves and more! And don’t worry about overloading – this beast offers 50lb./sq. ft., with a max capacity of 500lb. per panel – so you know you’re good to go! Available in all standard R cabinet sizes (depth and height), say hello to ultimate organization today!

Side Panel For Plastic Bins

Organize and optimize your cabinet storage with our 5S accessory! Our installable product easily attaches to the sides of R cabinets, allowing you to make the most of your cabinet space. We have a wide array of compatible products – from all brands of RG20 plastic bins that feature hanging lips for quick and effortless installation. You’ll find these accessories available in all standard sizes (depth, height) for R cabinets. Get organized with a little wit today!

ESD Cabinet

Our special paint (Black 090) is designed to be electrically dissipative, making sure you get the peace of mind that comes with a secure connection. Included with this purchase is a 1MΩ resistance grounding cord, as well as a socket for your own convenient grounding wrist strap.

Grounding Wrist Strap

Our stretchy fabric wraps your components up tightly like a hug – and dissipation of those pesky electric charges that could cause damage? No sweat! We’ve got you covered with our 6′ cord boasting 1MΩ resistance.

Waste & Recycling Cabinet

This waste and recycling sorter is so versatile; you can use it on its own or as part of a cabinet configuration. It includes one 26” drawer with a labeled handle so sorting is quick and easy. Plus, there are two 15 1/4” W x 11’D x 20’H containers – one black for trash (RK09-02) and one blue for recycling (RK09-01). For extra convenience, the drawer even has a divider that keeps the containers in place while also letting you store items behind them – witty!

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