Disaster Planning Storage

Let Spacesaver Storage Solutions Help You With Disaster Storage

Disasters — No one wants to think about them, but everyone needs to be ready. Spacesaver Storage Solutions can help you with your needs in Virginia and Metro D.C.
Disaster planners often stage hurricane shelters in schools or other public buildings.
Sometimes disaster planners will need more materials and other items stored and only have a limited amount of space available.
Spacesaver Storage Solutions can install equipment lift platforms on a wall to help create instant extra space and get materials off of the floor   The amount extra space can be incredible in a time of disaster. Sometimes the best solution is just a matter of looking up!  Let us know how we can help your planning.

Disaster Planning Storage increase space for disaster supplies

Disaster Planning is also necessary for businesses. Companies need to have disaster planning storage space available.

Terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and regional power outages from the past several years have all highlighted the low levels of disaster preparedness that exist at many firms. Supply chain disruptions caused by external events can have a significant financial and operational impact on firms not properly prepared. therefore, improving disaster preparedness in supply chains is critical. One critical component of disaster management planning in supply chains is the storage of emergency supplies, equipment, and vital documents that will be needed in times of crisis. Spacesaver Storage Solutions can help you create the extra storage areas at your business to store supplies in emergency situations.  This will help your business be prepared.

Do you need to increase the storage capability of your disaster planning space?