Campus Library & Makerspace Storage Systems

Making Space in Libraries for Students

Many campus libraries have become more dynamic over the past few decades. As a result, libraries have transformed to provide more collaborative spaces and access to advanced technology. Campus leadership recognized the need for a comprehensive approach to shelving and campus library storage. Our system reduces the storage footprint.

Campus libraries are changing to ensure that students, faculty, and staff can feel safe. By feeling safer, they can focus on learning during the COVID crisis. Because of the crisis, space for social distancing needs to exist.  Storage options need to preserve collections and promote convenient access.   We can also help reduce high-touch surfaces.


Reduce the stacks’ footprint with high-density mobile shelving

The high-density mobile shelving systems keep materials on-site in about half the space of static shelving.   This results in freed up space for individual study areas.  It creates socially distant collaboration areas or other use areas. Compact shelving can also create boundary areas to help enforce density guidelines.  To reduce high-touch surfaces, consider powered mobile systems that allow users to open and close aisles from their personal mobile devices. This cuts down on touch of public screens. Now, we can discuss aesthetics.

College Student accessing books using personal device
Imagination Designed Book Storage


Architects and designers appreciate our quality storage products.  But we are also agile enough to produce custom solutions for the customers. Our storage solutions can be easily integrated into an interior decorators design.  Next, we will show you how designers can create flexible space.

Flexible Spaces at a University

Spacesaver Day Use Lockers mounted on a carriage-and-rail system serve as the basis for the movable room dividers. The partitions can be pushed together at one end of the creating a large, open space for guest speakers or other events.  Another possible solution is to move the partitions anywhere along the rails to create smaller spaces for collaboration or independent work. Lockers in a variety of sizes and configurations are designed to accommodate personal belongings and students’ work in progress. In addition, the partitions can also feature whiteboards and monitors to facilitate collaboration.  Furniture on casters adds even more flexibility to the space.

College creates mobile workspace with Day use lockers

Want to see how can improve your library storage to create more makerspace?