Powered High-Density Mobile Shelving

Running out of space in your current facility? Feeling like you don’t have enough room for what makes your business, your business? Looking to upgrade your space but the funds aren’t there? We are in business to help with these problems. Compact shelving may be your answer.

Powered high-density mobile shelving by Spacesaver is an easy way to alleviate your space problems without costly expansion. Simply put, it’s a way of compacting storage space in an existing footprint. Think about traditional shelving units already in your building. With conventional shelving, there are typically stationary shelves followed by an aisle, followed by a stationary shelf, then an aisle, and so on. All of those empty aisles amount to a huge amount of wasted space.

With powered high-density mobile shelving you don’t have to waste that space. We take your existing stationary shelving units and place them on mobile carriages – eliminating all but one of the aisles. Rows of mobile shelving are then accessed by sliding the carriages to open an aisle. As a result, you can double storage capacity in the same footprint, or uncover new space that can create additional profits for your business.

In partnership with Spacesaver, our powered high-density shelving is built with a host of operational modes, safety features, and more. Take a look below to learn about the different types of mobile shelving.

Here’s the compact mobile shelving concept in three simple steps:

Picture traditional shelving with shelves and aisles

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 2.04.35 PM

Place every shelf on a compact mobile carriage

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 2.01.23 PM

Eliminate every aisle in the compact mobile system except for one

Why take a look at mobile shelving? well, that’s answer’s simple, too—you can only do so much with static shelving before you run out of space, especially if you’re needing to store more in an existing footprint. Compact mobile shelving allows you to place your current inventory in a fraction of your current space, which gives you the opportunity to plan for future inventory or do something else with the space you’ve saved.

Compact Mobile Shelving Solutions in Action:

High-Density Shelving Types

Are you tired of seeing your office filled with stationary storage solutions like file cabinets, shelving and storage units? They take up a lot of valuable floor space and can be an eyesore. High-density mobile storage systems are the answer. These compact storage solutions allow for movable aisles, which eliminates wasted floor space. In most cases, these innovative systems will save up to 50% of your total area – allowing you to make use of that newly freed up area for more productive purposes or additional storage.

Our reliable sliding tracked storage system maximizes your floor space by providing a high capacity shelving solution on floor tracks or rails. Utilizing rolling shelves, this efficient option eliminates the need for unnecessary access aisle space in order to keep your environment compact and organized.

Adding high-density mobile storage would not only double your current capacity without the need for renovation or expansion but also maximize the vertical space usually wasted by regular filing and storing units. Investing in this solution will help boost efficiency, morale and your bottom line – all while maximizing each square foot in your workspace!

Depending on your needs and bulk of what is being stored, we offer four different types of powered high-density shelving options:


Depending on your needs and bulk of what is being stored, we offer four different types of powered high-density shelving options:

Standard compact mobile storage system
Wheelhouse low-profile compact mobile storage system


The low-profile mobile storage system is ideal for when relocating or expanding is in your future. It is considered the “little-brother” to standard mobile shelving, creating a more cost-effective solution for compacting storage space.


A solution for storing bulky or large items without facility expansion or renovation, ActivRAC heavy-duty mobile system. The heavy-duty mobile storage systems can hold 7,000 – 30,000 pounds per carriage.

Warehouse shelving for box storage on shelving
Mobile High-bay storage system for Off-site storage


If your collection of books and historical records is growing at a rapid pace, our High-Bay Shelving System is the right solution for you. The system expands from the floor to the ceiling to take advantage of every inch of your space.

Modes of Operation for Compact Mobile Systems

Depending on your needs, we offer three modes of operation for optimum ease of use, security, safety, and accessibility: manual, mechanical-assist, and powered controls.



The cost effective alternative to mechanical-assist controls. Pulling a handle moves the carriage from side to side. This is ideal for smaller mobile storage systems with lighter loads.

Mechanical Assist

Mechanical Assist

The mobile high-density shelving units are moved by simply turning an ergonomically-designed three-spoke rotating handle. This handle allows users to move carriage weights of 4,000 – 10,000 lbs. with only one pound of effort.



Provides immediate access to stored goods in the powered high-density shelving units with a simple push of a button. Options include standard push-button control and a variety of optional controls including infrared capable control and secure touchpad aisle access control.

For our powered high-density shelving, we also offer our Touch Technology Control, which offers an interactive and dynamic LCD touchscreen with an intuitive menu and tutorials. The visual features of Touch Technology Control make it easier than ever before to store and access the items you need in a safe and extremely secure way.

Safety Features

When it comes to high-density mobile shelving, safety is our main concern—after all, we want you to feel comfortable using the system. Based on your needs, we offer the ability to close and lock your system when not in use, and depending on the type, systems can be programmed for controlled access to specific aisles, etc. Here are a few more of our many safety features.

Safety Sweeps

Safety sweeps are included in every mobile system, and every aisle is required to have one floor sweep. We have two options available:

  • Photo Sweep (used with powered systems): An infrared light beam, unaffected by sunlight or ambient light extremes, projected the length of the carriage at its base stops system movement when broken by a person’s foot or other object.
  • Safety Sweep (used with mechanical assist systems): Provides full aisle protection for people and objects in the open aisles by automatically stopping carriage movement upon contact with a barrier.

Aisle-Entry Sensor

If a person enters a closing aisle, cross-aisle sensors mounted 20 inches up from the carriage base stop the system from moving (for powered systems only).

Zero Force Sensor

By projecting multiple infrared photoelectric beams across an open aisle the full length of the carriage, the Zero Force Sensor (ZFS) system detects a person’s entry into a moving aisle or presence in an open aisle and automatically locks down carriage movement (for powered systems only).

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