Tire Storage Solutions

Tire Storage the Easy Way

Tire storage can take up a lot of room.  Every month you are paying for open empty air space in your storage areas. That open wall space and ceiling area could become very valuable to you overnight.  Now you can store them overhead and have them at your fingertips in minutes. Your floor space stays open and you know where everything is.

When does overhead storage make sense?

  • Storing tires consumes a lot of floor space. You want that space for working on cars.
  • You want to get your hands on fresh tires quick. Rummaging around in the storage area is not a good use of time.
  • Jerking tires out of storage and rolling them to the bay is difficult and takes two trips.
  • Climbing ladders to get tires is asking for trouble.
  • Inventory gets confusing and shrinkage is a problem when things are buried out of sight.
  • Take the pressure off your backroom storage by having your high volume tires up front and use your backroom storage for the others.
  • Shorten your turnaround time by having your high turnover tires right at hand.
  • Every month you are paying for open empty air space that could be used for optimal storage. Your overhead space suddenly becomes very valuable.

How Does Overhead Storage Work?

  • The tire lift is eight feet long and is bolted to your ceiling.
  • With a push of a button your tires come down to the floor. You get double the tire storage with our over under design.
  • Loading and unloading is easy. No more searching, climbing ladders or injuries.
  • Push the button and up they go. They are out of the way where no one can tamper with them. Your bays stay open and clear.
  • Fresh tires are restocked directly off the truck.

Store 24 tires with the eight foot long, model LT-1008.
Store 36 tires with the twelve foot long, model LT-1009.
Store 48 tires with the sixteen foot long, model LT-1010.

All LiftNStore® Lifts are simple, reliable and strong.
You get a tax benefit because a lift is an ‘electric appliance’, not a ‘building improvement’.
Every lift is made with pride in the United States of America and satisfaction is guaranteed.
With more than 3,300 successful installations over the last 20 years, LiftNStore® Overhead Lifts have become the gold standard.

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