Custom Storage Needs

Step into a world where innovation ascends to new heights, where mundane limitations are effortlessly lifted away, and where the name Vidir reigns supreme. In a symphony of engineering brilliance, Vidir has orchestrated an array of vertical lifts that defy convention and elevate possibility. Just as a conductor harmonizes diverse instruments into a masterpiece, Vidir has composed a collection of vertical lifts that cater to every need, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Join me as we unravel the tapestry of Vidir’s vertical lifts, where ingenuity and technology intertwine to lift your expectations to soaring altitudes.

Crib Lift

Crib Lift

Hospital Cribs are big and bulky, and take up plenty of space.  Crib Lifts help double your crib storage capacity while also protecting your investment.  This was implemented at a hospital in Washington. Our versatile carousels can help you store these cribs.

Stretcher Lift


Smaller than Hospital Beds, stretchers never the less take up space. This narrower version of the Bed Lift is designed specifically for stretchers.

Hospitals have hundreds of case carts cycling through surgeries, sterilization, and preparation every day. This system provides a high density storage solution to reduce the floor space required for this process.

Wheelchair Lift


Wheelchairs are always getting lost or misplaced:  Spacesaver Storage Solutions has the system that will neatly and efficiently store them all in one place, providing protection and security.

Laundry Cart Lift

Does your hospital or hotel have a lot of laundry carts that are clogging the hallways?  Spacesaver Storage Solutions can provide you with a Laundry cart storage system.

Mattress Storage


Does your business have a large amount of mattresses that need to be stored in a neat and orderly fashion?  Spacesaver Storage Solutions has the answer for your needs.  We can help you store large quantities of mattresses on a versatile carousel.

Table Lift


Lots of tables to be stored?   Here’s a simple way to store twice as many in the same space! Use our versatile carousels.

Other Lifts:

  • OR Tables
  • Generators
  • Machinery

Do you have a unique storage need that would benefit from one of our versatile storage solutions?