Our Most Recent Projects

Recent Projects

Spacesaver Storage Solutions continues to working hard on projects for our clients.  We would like to share some of our most recent projects.

Spacesaver Storage Solutions continues to work on projects for museums, service garages, public libraries, evidence storage needs and more.
We’ve installed some newer products and utilized existing products in a unique way. We love challenges so contact us today if you have a difficult storage need!

So, please enjoy reviewing our projects, and we look forward to working on yours!

Our Products in Action:

Spacesaver Storage Solutions Revolutionizes Storage for The Mariner’s Museum!

The Mariners’ Museum and Park’s Bronze Door Society is a member-managed affinity group that funds projects presented by members of the Museum team.  In 2022, one of the Museum’s Library Archivists reached out to Spacesaver Storage Solutions to provide a quote for additional flat file storage cabinets to help preserve works on paper to present to The Bronze Door Society for funding.  Because the library collection is always expanding, it was important that the cabinets could be used in a future mobile shelving design.  The library archives space already takes advantage of flat file cabinets on mobile carriages with shelf space above.  Spacesaver’s 420 and 423 museum cabinets were a perfect fit for this project as they can be used in their current, stationary location or they can be incorporated into the design of a future mobile shelving.  While the 420 cabinets provide storage for more standard sizes of works on paper (maps, blueprints, etc), the 423 cabinets provide storage for oversized items or a mix of sizes.  (They can even store a service technician or two. The Library Archivists’ proposal to The Bronze Door Society was funded in October 2022.

  • Photos by Amanda Shield at The Mariner’s Museum

Freestyle Lockers at Dominion Energy

We are delighted to showcase our recent installation of the innovative Freestyle Locker with Pull-out Seat at Dominion Energy. This cutting-edge storage solution offers both functional storage and comfortable seating, optimizing space and enhancing convenience for Dominion Energy employees.

About the Freestyle Locker with Pull-out Seat

The Freestyle Locker with Pull-out Seat combines the benefits of secure storage and versatile seating in one compact unit. It is designed to meet the unique needs of modern workplaces, where efficient space utilization is essential.
Key features of the Freestyle Locker with Pull-out Seat:
Secure individual storage compartments for personal belongings
Adjustable shelves and hooks for flexible organization
Electronic locks with advanced security features
Pull-out seat with a comfortable cushion for resting or putting on shoes
Durable construction and sleek design

Installation at Dominion Energy

Our team of experienced professionals completed the installation of the Freestyle Locker with Pull-out Seat at Dominion Energy’s facilities with utmost precision and efficiency. The installation process involved careful planning, customization, and seamless integration with Dominion Energy’s existing layout.

The installation project delivered the following benefits:

Maximized storage capacity within limited space
Improved organization and accessibility for employees
Enhanced employee experience with the addition of comfortable seating options
Stylish and modern aesthetic that complements Dominion Energy’s workplace environment

If you’re interested in optimizing your workplace with innovative storage solutions like the Freestyle Locker with Pull-out Seat, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Spacesaver Storage Solutions. Our team of experts will be happy to assess your needs and provide customized recommendations to enhance your space utilization and employee experience.

Storage Needs at an Energy Company

Helping a local energy company

Dominion Energy chose a location in Innsbrook to build a new building to replace a couple of existing warehouse locations that housed spare/replacement items for the energy grid.

Because the footprint of the new warehouse was smaller than the existing ones , Spacesaver compact shelving with heavy duty Spacesaver “ Raptor” racking appealed to the architect and designer. Recessing the rail into the poured slab allowed fork trucks and lifts to move throughout. A powered compact shelving solution offered push button convenience to operate the moveable shelving and achieved Dominion’s focus on worker safety.

In addition, a Hänel Rotomat and Lean lift were the solution to “ real time inventory tracking”. These machines offer a picking of inventory without bending low or reaching high. All items are brought to the user at a waist high height. The software by Hänel has the ability to tie into the inventory database to track and record inventory levels and more.

Central Library

Recently, the residents of Virginia Beach were pleasantly surprised when their local library underwent a remarkable transformation without the need for replacing the existing shelving. Instead, the library opted for an affordable and visually appealing solution by utilizing Spacesaver end panels. These end panels breathed new life into the library’s shelving, providing a refreshed look and feel to the entire space.

By choosing Spacesaver’s end panels, the library was able to achieve multiple objectives simultaneously. Firstly, the existing shelving units were given a fresh and updated appearance, instantly transforming the overall ambiance of the library. The end panels offered a modern and sleek design that seamlessly integrated with the existing shelves, creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Beyond the visual aspect, the addition of Spacesaver end panels brought functional benefits to the library as well. These end panels offered enhanced stability and durability, ensuring that the shelving units remained sturdy and secure. This was particularly important in a library setting where numerous books, resources, and materials are stored and accessed regularly. The reinforced structure of the end panels added an extra layer of support, guaranteeing the safety of the library’s valuable assets.

Furthermore, Spacesaver’s end panels allowed for efficient space utilization within the library. With their customizable features, the end panels were tailored to fit seamlessly into the existing shelving layout, maximizing storage capacity and optimizing organization. This aspect was crucial in a library setting, where the efficient use of space is of paramount importance to accommodate the ever-expanding collection of books and materials.

Virginia Beach locals were delighted with the transformation their library underwent. The updated appearance of the shelving units, achieved solely through the addition of Spacesaver end panels, breathed new life into the space. The library became a more inviting and visually appealing place, encouraging patrons to explore its resources and spend more time immersing themselves in the world of literature and knowledge.

Spacesaver Storage Solutions once again demonstrated their commitment to providing innovative storage solutions that go beyond functionality. By offering end panels that can refresh the existing shelving without the need for costly replacements, they showcased their ability to combine practicality, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness. The library makeover in Virginia Beach serves as a testament to the transformative power of Spacesaver’s storage solutions and their ability to bring renewed vitality to any environment.

Visible Storage for Historic Weapons

A training classroom that’s also an armory

This exceptional U.S. military base is one of the Army’s most important training sites, offering its soldiers a range of unique specialties to learn about – including ordnance. In times gone by, the historic weapons used in this training were stored across multiple locations – but new technology has allowed us to consolidate these artifacts into a single facility for improved preservation and an immersive educational experience for 8-10,000 ordnance trainees each year.

Our team was asked to create a classroom with active and historic armories that met safety requirements – so we came up with an ingenious solution! Our UWR® (Universal Weapons Rack) Storage system formed the perfect fit for their space and securely housed all weapons; 4-Post shelving units complete with frame doors, glass windows, locks and LED lighting activated by a single switch sealed the deal!

The secure and visible UWR® cabinets provide a perfect storage solution for historic weapons. When classes are held in the room, staff open the doors, lock the glass enclosures and illuminate the space to create an environment with full visibility of all stored items. To accomplish security requirements after each training session, personnel close and lock the UWR® doors. This installation is one of the Army’s most extensive training sites, where soldiers can learn about cutting-edge technology as well as historical arms and equipment. Previously, these ancient weapons were scattered over several locations; however, our new facility has successfully consolidated them into a single area for increased preservation conditions, expediency within operations, and improved educational experiences for 8-10 thousand ordnance personnel who attend yearly sessions at this base.

Civil War Museum

Preserving Civil War History

The first unique storage need was for saddles. Although saddles are designed to withstand years of rough wear and tear, they’re  actually quite difficult for museums to preserve. Historic saddles were made from a combination of wood, leather, and other materials, which means they’re often heavy, awkward to handle, and vulnerable to damage and decay. Leather is particularly sensitive to fluctuations in heat and humidity and to stress from twisting and bending. The straps that connect a saddle with its two stirrups are among the weakest components of historic saddles because the straps were typically made of relatively thin strips of leather. These straps are often stretched and cracked from years of use.

Preservation professionals at the Civil War museum wanted to optimize space in their climate-controlled collections storage area, and at the same time they wanted to properly support the saddles, straps, and stirrups. Our  engineers created the ideal solution. They designed sturdy steel mounts for the heavy saddles, as well as adjustable steel brackets to support the stirrups. The stirrup brackets can be moved up and down on 1-inch increments and then locked into place, thereby relieving pressure on the stirrup straps. The brackets can be moved from front to back in 4-inch increments for perfect positioning along the saddle. The mounts and brackets are compatible with Spacesaver’s cantilever racking system, which in turn was mounted on mobile carriages for high-density storage. This solution allows many historically significant saddles to be stored in a relatively small space while still providing appropriate support for each saddle and its components.

Spacesaver Storage Solutions was also called upon to help provide storage  solutions for  civil war furniture, dolls, knives, paintings and more.  Please review our photos to see how we met these needs.

Tire Storage

The Fleet Services office of a large college town needed better storage for bus and vehicle tires.   Large vehicle tires are quite heavy,  The office wanted to improve their worker’s safety when handling the heavy tires, so they contacted Spacesaver Storage Solutions about our Tire Carousel.  The town chose Spacesaver Storage Solutions to provide a Vidir rotating tire carousel to improve storage and safety for their garage.   Contact us today if we can help you with your tire storage needs.

File Room and Evidence Storage

Spacesaver Storage Solutions recently completed a comprehensive storage installation project for a brand new office building for a local government office, encompassing the Attorney’s Office and the Social Services Department. Recognizing the need for efficient space utilization, high-density storage solutions were implemented in both offices to maximize storage capacity without compromising accessibility. In addition, we  installed top-of-the-line police evidence lockers and high-density shelving in the police department, ensuring secure and organized storage for crucial evidentiary materials. With these tailored storage solutions in place, the local government office can now enjoy optimized storage capabilities, streamlined workflows, and enhanced overall efficiency.

Local University

A local university wanted to create site lines in a Special Collections area.  They used low shelving on Spacesaver Storage Solutions Compact Shelving Carriages to maintain the capacity of the collection while creating the site lines throughout the space.  A very unique application of Spacesaver Movable Shelving!

Social Services Improve Paper Storage Capacity

A local Social Services organization was faced with a common challenge—running out of storage space for their paper file folders, which were stored in traditional vertical file cabinets. In search of a solution to improve their filing capacity, they turned to Spacesaver Storage Solutions, a renowned provider of High Density Compact Shelving.

Understanding the need for a comprehensive assessment, Spacesaver conducted a thorough needs analysis for the organization. This analysis aimed to determine the additional filing capacity that High Density Compact Shelving could offer, taking into account the organization’s specific requirements and available space.

The results of the needs analysis were impressive, showcasing the significant increase in filing capacity that High Density Compact Shelving could provide. The organization was immediately convinced of the value this solution offered, as it presented a practical and efficient way to optimize their storage space while maintaining easy access to their files.

The professional installation service provided by Spacesaver Storage Solutions further solidified the organization’s decision. Knowing that experts would handle the installation process ensured a seamless transition to the new storage system. This professional touch instilled confidence in the organization, knowing they were in capable hands.

By choosing High Density Compact Shelving from Spacesaver, the local Social Services organization successfully addressed their filing capacity limitations. This solution not only provided them with increased storage space, but it also optimized their workflow and enhanced their overall organizational efficiency.

With the new shelving system in place, the organization experienced the benefits of a well-organized and accessible file storage system. The compact design of the shelving allowed them to maximize their available space, effectively storing a larger number of file folders in a smaller footprint. This newfound capacity allowed for future growth and eliminated the need for additional storage units.

Furthermore, the organization’s staff found it easier to retrieve and file documents, as the High Density Compact Shelving provided clear visibility and convenient access to the files. This improved accessibility resulted in enhanced productivity, as employees spent less time searching for documents and more time focusing on their core responsibilities.

In conclusion, Spacesaver Storage Solutions successfully addressed the file storage challenges faced by the local Social Services organization. By conducting a needs analysis and offering High Density Compact Shelving along with professional installation services, Spacesaver provided a comprehensive solution that met the organization’s requirements. The increased filing capacity, improved workflow, and enhanced efficiency delivered tangible benefits, allowing the organization to better serve their community while optimizing their storage space.

Local Jr. ROTC

Spacesaver Storage Solutions partnered with a local high school to address a significant storage challenge faced by their JROTC (Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) Program. The school had recently constructed a new building on their campus to accommodate the program’s growing needs. However, due to space constraints, the storage area available for the program was reduced by 50%.

Given the program’s requirements to store a wide range of uniforms, equipment, and other materials, finding a viable solution became imperative. To tackle this issue, Spacesaver Storage Solutions stepped in and proposed the installation of a state-of-the-art storage system: the Spacesaver ActivRAC Mechanical Assist System.

The ActivRAC Mechanical Assist System is renowned for its ability to optimize storage efficiency and maximize available space. By utilizing a compact, mobile design, this system allows for high-density storage while maintaining easy access to stored items. It operates on a simple mechanical-assist mechanism, enabling effortless movement of the system’s carriage and shelves.

With the installation of the Spacesaver ActivRAC Mechanical Assist System, the JROTC Program at the high school was able to efficiently store their uniforms and equipment despite the significant reduction in available space. The system’s mobile design allowed for compact storage of a wide variety of materials, ensuring that everything could be stored in a centralized location, easily accessible to program staff and cadets alike.

By utilizing the ActivRAC system, the JROTC Program was able to maintain a well-organized storage area, ensuring quick and convenient retrieval of uniforms and equipment whenever needed. This not only saved time and effort but also helped to enhance the overall efficiency of the program’s operations.

Spacesaver Storage Solutions worked closely with the high school and the JROTC Program to design and implement a customized storage solution that met their unique requirements. Their expertise in storage optimization and innovative product offerings allowed them to provide a tailored solution that effectively addressed the challenges posed by the reduced storage space.

The collaboration between Spacesaver Storage Solutions and the local high school demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing practical and efficient storage solutions across various industries and applications. By implementing the ActivRAC Mechanical Assist System, the JROTC Program was able to overcome their space limitations, ensuring the smooth functioning and continued success of the program.

Hospital Bed Storage

Spacesaver Storage Solutions collaborated with the biomedical engineering department at VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) to address their storage needs for hospital beds undergoing repair and service. With limited space available, the department required an efficient solution to store the beds while optimizing the use of the available area. Together, VCU and Spacesaver Storage Solutions identified the VIDIR bedlift as the ideal choice to meet their organizational requirements.

To ensure an effective storage solution, Spacesaver Storage Solutions undertook a meticulous approach. Each bed was carefully measured to accurately assess its dimensions, enabling the development of a customized storage plan. By taking into account the specific measurements, the team was able to create a layout that would accommodate the maximum number of beds within the designated storage area.

The VIDIR bedlift offered by Spacesaver Storage Solutions was a suitable fit for VCU’s needs. This innovative system is designed to vertically store hospital beds, maximizing vertical space utilization. The bedlift utilizes a motorized mechanism that effortlessly lifts and lowers beds, allowing for easy retrieval and storage. This not only optimizes space but also streamlines the process of accessing beds when required for repairs or servicing.

By working closely with VCU, Spacesaver Storage Solutions designed a tailored storage solution that catered to the unique needs of the biomedical engineering department. The bedlift system facilitated efficient organization and management of hospital beds, ensuring that they were safely stored and readily accessible when needed.

The collaboration between Spacesaver Storage Solutions and VCU exemplifies the company’s commitment to providing customized storage solutions in various industries. Through careful planning, precise measurements, and the implementation of the VIDIR bedlift system, Spacesaver Storage Solutions enabled VCU’s biomedical engineering department to overcome their space limitations and optimize their bed storage.

Spacesaver Storage Solutions’ expertise in storage optimization and their innovative product offerings allowed VCU to effectively address their specific storage challenges. By leveraging the capabilities of the VIDIR bedlift system, the department achieved improved efficiency, streamlined processes, and enhanced organization, ultimately supporting their vital work in repairing and servicing hospital beds.

In conclusion, Spacesaver Storage Solutions’ collaboration with VCU’s biomedical engineering department resulted in a space-saving and highly functional storage solution for their hospital beds. Through careful measurement and planning, the VIDIR bedlift system was seamlessly integrated to meet VCU’s organizational requirements, effectively maximizing the available space while ensuring easy access to the beds for repair and service purposes.

Federal Government Office Technical Library

Spacesaver Storage Solutions is a leading provider of innovative storage solutions designed to optimize space utilization in various environments. Their expertise lies in creating efficient storage systems that maximize capacity while maintaining accessibility. One notable example of their solutions in action is the relocation and consolidation of an existing Federal Government Lab Technical Library.

The Federal Government Lab Technical Library faced the challenge of relocating its extensive collection into a smaller space. The goal was to maintain the entire collection while optimizing the use of available space. To achieve this, Spacesaver Storage Solutions proposed the implementation of compact shelving systems.

Compact shelving, also known as high-density shelving or mobile shelving, is a space-saving storage solution that eliminates wasted aisle space. Unlike traditional static shelving, compact shelving allows for aisles to be opened only when needed, maximizing the use of available space. By utilizing mechanical-assist or electric-powered systems, compact shelving units can be easily moved, creating access aisles where required.

In the case of the Federal Government Lab Technical Library, compact shelving was implemented to store the collection in a more space-efficient design. The system involved installing rows of shelving units on mobile carriages that were mounted on floor tracks. The shelves could be compacted together, significantly reducing the footprint required for storage. This allowed the library to maintain its entire collection within the limited space available.

The benefits of using compact shelving were immediately evident. The Federal Government Lab Technical Library was able to optimize its storage capacity by utilizing the vertical space more effectively. The reduction in aisle space allowed for additional shelves to be installed, accommodating a larger number of books, documents, and other materials.

The compact shelving system also improved accessibility and organization. The mobile carriages could be easily moved with the assistance of mechanical or electric mechanisms, creating open aisles where librarians and researchers could access the desired materials. The shelving units were equipped with labeling and tracking systems to ensure efficient retrieval and accurate inventory management.

Furthermore, the compact shelving system enhanced the overall aesthetics and functionality of the library. The renovated space appeared more streamlined and organized, creating a pleasant environment for library users. With the ability to store a larger collection in a smaller area, the Federal Government Lab Technical Library could continue to expand its resources without the need for extensive renovations or additional space.

The successful implementation of Spacesaver Storage Solutions’ compact shelving system in the Federal Government Lab Technical Library showcases the company’s commitment to providing innovative storage solutions. By leveraging their expertise in maximizing space utilization, they were able to help the library maintain its extensive collection while optimizing the available space. The project serves as a testament to the effectiveness of compact shelving in creating efficient and space-saving storage solutions for various organizations.


Virginia Beach Public Library

Spacesaver Storage Solutions is a renowned company specializing in innovative storage and shelving solutions. They have established a reputation for their ability to maximize space utilization while enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of various environments. One notable project where Spacesaver Storage Solutions played a crucial role was the renovation of a public library in Virginia Beach.

The Public Library in Virginia Beach was in need of a significant upgrade for its existing older facility. The goal was to create a more modern and inviting space for the vibrant and engaged community it served. To achieve this, the library underwent a comprehensive renovation that involved the incorporation of new furniture and finishes.

As part of the renovation process, Spacesaver Storage Solutions was approached to provide their expertise in optimizing the library’s storage capabilities. The company recognized the importance of seamlessly blending practicality with a visually appealing design, ensuring that the library remained functional while also creating an inviting atmosphere for visitors.

To achieve these objectives, Spacesaver implemented a combination of new and re-used library shelving units. The shelving units were carefully selected to align with the library’s specific needs and requirements. By utilizing a mix of new and existing shelving components, Spacesaver was able to maintain a balance between cost-effectiveness and sustainable practices.

In addition to the shelving units themselves, Spacesaver incorporated designer end panels into the library’s storage systems. These panels not only provided structural support but also added a touch of elegance and style to the overall design. By opting for designer end panels, Spacesaver enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the library, contributing to the welcoming ambiance desired by the community.

The implementation of Spacesaver Storage Solutions’ expertise resulted in a transformed library space. The renovated facility now boasts a seamless integration of functional storage solutions with a visually pleasing design. The combination of new and re-used library shelving units, along with the addition of designer end panels, provided an optimal storage solution while enhancing the overall ambiance of the library.

The library in Virginia Beach now stands as a testament to the successful collaboration between Spacesaver Storage Solutions and the library’s administrators. The upgraded facility is not only a place for storing and organizing books but also a vibrant community hub that fosters learning, exploration, and engagement.

Through their partnership with Spacesaver Storage Solutions, the Public Library in Virginia Beach was able to realize its vision of creating a modern, welcoming space for its community. This project serves as a prime example of how effective storage solutions, combined with thoughtful design elements, can greatly enhance the functionality and appeal of public spaces.

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