Recent Projects

Spacesaver Storage Solutions has been working hard on many projects.  We would like to share some of our most recent projects.

The projects we work on vary widely as do the industries and markets that we work in, but all projects share a common theme:  helping someone be more efficient with storing and managing their storage needs.  This section is designed to highlight some of recent  local projects.

So, please enjoy reviewing our recent projects!   Please let us know if we can help you with your storage needs.

Our Products in Action:


Tire Storage

The Fleet Services office of a large college town needed better storage for bus and vehicle tires.   Large vehicle tires are quite heavy,  The office wanted to improve their worker’s safety when handling the heavy tires, so they contacted Spacesaver Storage Solutions about our Tire Carousel.  The town chose Spacesaver Storage Solutions to provide a Vidir rotating tire carousel to improve storage and safety for their garage.   Contact us today if we can help you with your tire storage needs.


File Room and Evidence Storage

A local government office underwent a move to a brand new building.  They chose Spacesaver Storage Solutions to design their multiple file rooms and their Police evidence storage solution.

The project design had to accommodate several different offices such as the Attorney’s Office and the Social Services Department.   High Density Storage was installed for these offices.   Police evidence lockers and high density shelving was installed for the police department.

Local University

A local university wanted to create site lines in a Special Collections area.  They used low shelving on Spacesaver Storage Solutions Compact Shelving Carriages to maintain the capacity of the collection while creating the site lines throughout the space.  A very unique application of Spacesaver Movable Shelving!

Social Services Improve Paper Storage Capacity

A local  Social Services kept paper file folders in traditional vertical file cabinets.  They were looking to improve capacity.  Knowing Spacesaver was the place to turn for High Density Compact Shelving, they contacted us and we conducted a needs analysis which determined how much more filing capacity High Density Compact Shelving Offered.  They were sold immediately with the value and the professional installation service we offered.

Local Jr. ROTC

A local High School built a new building on their campus for their very active JROTC Program.  As part of the construction project, their storage space was reduced 50% but they still needed to store of all of their uniforms and equipment.  A new Spacesaver ActivRAC Mechanical Assist System was installed to provide storage for the wide range of JROTC materials and helped meet the needs of the program!

Hospital Bed Storage

The biomedical engineering department at  VCU needed a space -saving way to store hospital beds that were  being repaired and serviced .   Working with Spacesaver Storage Solutions , the VIDIR bedlift seemed like the choice to provide the organization VCU required.   The Spacesaver representative  carefully measured each bed to devise a plan that would fit the most beds in the room.

Federal Government Office Technical Library

An existing Federal Government Lab Technical Library was relocated and consolidated into a renovated smaller space and utilized compact shelving to maintain the collection in a more space efficient design!

Virginia Beach Public Library

A Public Library in Virginia Beach needed our help. As part of an upgrade of an existing older facility, the library was renovated with new furniture and finishes, including a combination of new and re-used Library shelving and designer end panels to provide a more welcoming design for this very active community library.

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