Public Safety Storage

Evidence Lockers: Managing the Chain of Custody

Maintaining a secure chain of custody is essential to maintaining the integrity of evidence – and the integrity of every case that comes through your agency. Evidence lockers from Spacesaver allow officers to securely deposit evidence anytime, day or night, without the need for an evidence technician to receive it. With lockers built right into the wall, you can combine different shapes, sizes, and even refrigeration to find the perfect solution for your agency

Front view of pass-thru evidence locker with refrigeration unit
Boxed storage on high-density mobile system with wide span shelving

High-Density Mobile Shelving: Tackling Long-Term Evidence

Once evidence has entered your property and evidence room, it sometimes must be housed for years, but you still need access to it in case of a trial or audit. High-density mobile storage is a perfect option for storing both bankers boxes and heavy, bulky items like car bumpers and large electronics. Mobile storage allows you to compact your storage to get more capacity out of your existing room.

Personal Storage Lockers: Creating Comfortable Space for Personnel

Police officers, firemen, EMS, and other public safety personnel face demanding work environments. A fresh, organized locker room can create a more comfortable space for personnel to prepare for their shift or unwind after a long day. Personal Storage Lockers offer ventilation, built-in benches, and accessories that can be configured by each employee to suit their needs – and create a “home away from home” for hardworking officers.

Non-Pass thru storage lockers at Baker McKenzie law firm Toronto
Warehouse racking system storing oversized evidence

Weapons Storage: Ensuring Firearms and Accessories are Secure

Weapons at a police department must be secure and accounted for, yet accessible during an emergency. Our full line of weapons storage includes configurable weapons racks and lockers for your armory, as well as weapons lockers for temporary storage or sally port areas. These solutions can be configured to accommodate firearms, ammunition, and accessories and can be integrated with RFID and keypad programs to ensure all weapons are tracked and accounted for.

Evidence, weapon and personnel storage solutions. Find out how we can help with your public safety needs.