Evidence Storage For Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies are tasked with a great responsibility to protect and serve their communities—but proper evidence storage is what really keeps crime at bay. Storing and tracking evidence is an integral part of the criminal justice system, so keeping it safe is key!

Law Enforcement Evidence Storage


Protect your evidence and its integrity with Spacesaver’s temporary evidence lockers. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to provide a secure path of custody for short-term storage, making sure all items ‘bagged and tagged’ remain safe until they can be accessed by authorized personnel. We even have pass-back/push-back lockers which allow technicians to promptly return evidence to officers for court appearances or accurate labeling/packaging.

Our selection of evidence lockers offers features and options tailored specifically to the types and sizes of each piece of evidence, as well as meeting the needs of any team. Plus we have refrigerated units built into locker banks with advanced elements such as double locks, cold storage talents, and more – we’ll help you discover the optimal solution so that today’s cases get closed!

When chain of custody is broken in the process of storing evidence, it can cause criminal prosecutions not being completed properly, agency liabilities increasing and community confidence declining. That is why partnering with Spacesaver assures one thing: Secure Evidence Storage! From short term lockers to long term mobile high density systems – security organization & peace of mind are guaranteed when tracking & storing vital pieces of information.

Secure Evidence Storage Lockers for Public Safety Facilities and Law Firms

Pass-Thru Lockers (PT)

Police departments can get the advantage of installing a pass-through evidence locker into their walls for an extra layer of security. Officers are able to securely store vital evidence in the locker, and technicians on the other side can easily access it without fear of tampering thanks to its state-of-the-art security measures. These lockers provide an invaluable asset when it comes to upholding professional law enforcement standards.

Evidence is able to be efficiently put in one end and retrieved from another– with a rear door large enough for experts to remove items swiftly and reset the locker openings for use again. It also offers a clever feature that automatically locks all front doors when the rear door is open so as to stop any unauthorized accesses from happening.



Non-Pass-Thru Lockers (NPT)

No more worrying about lost or forgotten keys – both of our lockers come outfitted with Spacesaver’s Keyless Locking System. With just a simple push-button pad on each door, you’ll be able to confidently secure your possessions. For those looking for an additional layer of protection, we proudly offer ControlLoc Technology. Boasting features such as computer tracking and monitoring, on-demand activity report generation, remote monitoring from a central location and automatic door locking when not in use – this is the perfect feature for those looking to take their security up a notch!

Data is securely tucked away and retrieved from the same spot – no need to look twice! Access to items is strictly reserved for those with approval, but don’t worry: they can be configured as a pass-thru whenever you’re ready.

Non-Pass Thru evidence lockers at Baker McKenzie Law Office Toronto
Refrigerated evidence storage for law enforcement

Refrigerated Evidence Lockers for Biological Sample Storage

Don’t risk losing your evidence! Our advanced, temperature-controlled lockers come in two sizes – small and large – to accommodate any storage need. Plus, each refrigerator is equipped with a digital alarm that alerts you if the door has been left open. And with interchangeable inserts, you can easily store different sized containers or boxes.

At Spacesaver Storage Solutions, we get that DNA and biological sample storage are crucial for successful cases. That’s why we offer flexible options for both long-term and short-term solutions – so you can find the perfect solution for your needs! Don’t wait: explore our expertise section today to see how our secure refrigerated lockers could be just what you need to save the day (and your evidence)!


When it comes to weapon storage, Spacesaver provides the perfect solution for maximum security and rapid access. We understand that officers need to be protected and prepared, which is why our sally port lockers and guns lockers are specifically designed to fit a combination of handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Our high-density weapons storage solutions also work great in armories or for long-term evidence keeping – because when you’re packing heat, we’ve got your back!


Long-term Secure Evidence Storage

Every property and evidence technician knows the struggle: your evidence room is bursting at the seams but storage space stays constant. Losing track of items, wasting precious time, and not being able to freeing up old items can be a nightmare!

We understand that storage issues can be hard – that’s why we offer high-density mobile storage solutions that help departments increase their evidence storage capacity in an existing footprint or create more space for future inventory. With our compact mobile storage options you’ll have plenty of room even for those larger pieces of evidence, like biological specimens, weapons, electronics and bumpers!

High-density mobile storage for long-term evidence

Standard Compact Mobile Storage

Our most widely used high-density mobile storage option, available in a variety of controls and safety options. The system is also available in a low-profile solution, which features many of the same benefits as our standard offering in a more cost-effective package—and paired with a modular floor system, can be easy to configure, expand, and relocate.

Heavy-Duty Mobile Storage

The big brother of standard high-density mobile storage, ActivRAC High-Density Heavy Duty Mobile Storage is an ideal solution anytime a compact solution for heavy items or bulk storage is required. Existing shelving or pallet racking can be placed on mobile carriages, increasing space in an evidence warehouse or off-site storage area by eliminating static aisles. ActiveRAC offers load capacities of 7,000 to 30,000 pounds per carriage and different modes of operation that can be tailored to the specific evidence needs of your department.

Warehouse shelving for box storage on shelving
Mobile High-bay storage system for Off-site storage

High Bay Archival Storage

As statutes of limitation continue to grow for certain types of evidence, police departments everywhere are considering their long-term storage solutions – and just like libraries and historical centers, more departments are opting to move their evidence off-site in order to maximize space. X-Tend’s cleverly designed mobile and static shelving systems are the perfect fit for anyone looking for a way to store archival records without taking up too much physical room. Take your warehouse storage game to the next level with X-Tend’s high bay vertical extensions!

Do you need help storing your evidence, so it follows the correct chain of custody?