Public Safety Badges, Handcuffs And Taser Cartridges

Police badges and handcuffs are often an overlooked item when it comes to planning storage. After all, how hard can it be to store something that only takes up a few inches of space? But in reality, badges, handcuffs and tasers are easy pieces of equipment to lose or misplace.  If a badge is lost it can pose a potential impersonation risk but can also be expensive to replace. Plus, with multiple types of badges for promotions and replacements, there’s more to store than you might realize. Spacesaver Storage Solutions offers custom badge and handcuff storage options.

Handcuffs are so standard that they’re easily overlooked when it comes to storage. Although they’re typically issued to each officer, spare handcuffs must be stored and secured.  Though they’re small, they’re often expensive and always needed.

Most police and sheriff’s departments have a protocol regarding how personnel should store their Tasers.  But many agencies have no specific guideline for storing spare electrical control devices and extra cartridges.

Why you should consider a Public Safety Equipment Solution?

The Solution In Action

The best system for badge storage consists of 3 parts that can easily be integrated into your department’s overall gear storage solution.

Locked Room

The first line of defense against avoid stolen and misplaced badges is a locked room. Your department should already have a lockable room for storing extra gear and uniforms. But if not, it’s worth investing in for the peace of mind.

Shelf With Lockable Drawer Or Bin

Within the locked room, a 4-post shelf with a locking drawer keeps badges secured.  In this room, the badges are protected from being damaged by surrounding gear. Within the drawer, bins or dividers can be used to separate different types of badges. Alternatively, if you use a lockable mobile storage system, you can simply use plastic bin dividers on a shelf to organize the badges. But beware of using this method if you aren’t using a locked shelf.

Mobile Storage System (Optional)

Shelves and locking drawers can be mounted onto a high density mobile storage system. This provides a great way to store uniforms, duty bags, electronics, etc. in a smaller space. The mobile system can then be locked and accessed using a PIN code to provide a final layer of security.

Taser Storage

Handcuffs And Electroshock Weapon And Cartridge Storage

Handcuffs are so standard at law enforcement agencies that they’re easily overlooked when it comes to storage. Although they’re typically issued to each officer, there are still spare handcuffs around that need to be stored and secured.  After all, though they’re small, they’re often expensive and always needed.

The easiest way to keep your spare handcuffs and cartridges organized and in one spot is to keep them in a locked drawer.  But if you are planning a high density system or are really looking to step up your security, you can incorporate the drawer units into a high density mobile storage system.

Tasers and cartridges can be kept in a mobile system. Badge and handcuff storage can also be accomplished with lockable bins on the mobile system. The locked drawers are alongside inventory of other issued gear and the aisles of the storage system slide together to keep items secure and make the most of the space. Aisles can only be accessed with a PIN code, providing an extra layer of security for the gear inside.

Keep your badges, handcuffs, and tasers in one secure and organized location