Compact Museum Storage

When it comes to museum storage, we understand the challenges that come with preserving your current and future collections while keeping a focus on educating visitors.

As museum collections continue to accumulate over the years, storage capacity becomes an invaluable resource. With only a small fraction of outstanding artifacts typically on display at any given time, it is essential for museums to have a reliable and efficient way of storing the thousands of items not available for viewing. To ensure optimal utilization of their limited storage areas while also safeguarding their priceless collection pieces, investing in compact storage systems is key.

Compact storage systems are designed to maximize existing space while adequately protecting each piece in your collection—from fine art and fabrics to fossils or specimens—allowing you to have complete peace of mind that everything is safely preserved.

Compact storage systems offer an efficient, space-saving solution for museums and other organizations looking to maximize their storage capacity. Our mobile shelving units travel on floor tracks and slide back and forth, allowing users to double their available storage without taking up additional footprint. Manual or electronic controls make the system easy to use, with optional security features available for added protection. Plus, we can custom-design the system around your collection’s specific requirements for a perfect fit!

Compact storage systems provide optimal protection for museum collections, safeguarding against the ten leading causes of deterioration. Customizable security features and accessories make it easy to create a secure system that can withstand physical forces like earthquakes or falling objects. Moreover, sealed cabinets and light-colored shelving minimize the risk of infestations from insects, rodents, or mold. For additional peace of mind, access controls such as keyed locks and electronic locks are available for select cabinets and entire systems respectively – ensuring unauthorized individuals cannot gain access to stored materials and inadvertently damage artifacts. Finally, safety features prevent shelves from closing while items or personnel are in an aisle; thus further reducing the chances of collection damage.

We offer solutions for almost any item in your collection, from  secure and lockable museum cabinets, to double-sided hanging art racks, to mobile storage that will double your archive capacity.  No matter the type, weight or bulk of what you’re storing, we work in collaboration to engineer compact museum storage systems to fit your space.

Our Compact Museum Storage Solutions in Action:

Compact Museum Storage Cabinets

Museum storage cabinets by Spacesaver are approved for museum and archival use, with solvent-free, non-reactive baked polyester powder coating. Compact museum storage cabinets ensure that the artifacts in these cabinets are protected through a controlled storage environment that helps to maintain a constant level of humidity and temperature. These cabinets can include features such as locking doors and drawer systems, and can be engineered to meet the specific demands of your museum.


  • Flat file drawers in widths as wide as 120” and 60” deep—widths and depths can be increased if needed
  • Pullout drawers with gliding telescopic ball-bearing extensions for viewing documents without having to touch them
  • Removable trays to securely transport items for further examinations and research
  • Double-hinged doors for easy access

Cabinets can be combined with high-density mobile storage for maximizing capacity.

Museum cabinet on compact mobile storage system
Compact Mobile Art Rack

Art Racks

Storing art can be a challenge due to the need for humidity and temperature control, fire protection, and preserving the integrity of pieces for future generations. With compact art racks and other types of storage, art can reside safely in a small space and still be kept safe.

Unlike traditional static storage, our art racks double the amount of storage by utilizing both sides of the rack. Art can be displayed vertically with ceiling-mounted, manually-controlled art rack systems (such as our Hang Glider Pro) or with a floor-mounted high-density art rack system to accommodate larger art collections. Both systems offer smooth and easy operational functions to provide an organized, safe way to organize your two-dimensional fine art.

Hang-Glider Pro

This ceiling-suspended pullout storage panel system offers low vibration, sway prevention, and controlled deceleration—and allows racks to be arranged close together to maximize space to its full capacity. The double-faced, woven steel mesh design allows galleries and museums to hang artwork on both sides of the system with no interference. In addition to its role in typical storage areas, we’ve also seen Hang Glider Pro utilized in visible storage areas as well.

Compact Museum Storage

Perforated Flat-file Cabinets

Storing fragile, chemically unstable documents

Archives and museum collections often store fragile and volatile materials that require flat storage, isolation, and / or special ventilation requirements. for example, early printing processes for diazotypes and blueprints resulted in residual chemicals that are harmful to the prints themselves and to other materials stored in proximity. Recommended preservation storage for these materials often involves separate, protected storage and increased ventilation.

Spacesaver’s custom engineering and manufacturing capabilities helped an archives staff at a responsibly store their large collection of historic diazotype maps, plans, and oversized
documents. When the design team was working on a new building to house the county’s archives and other offices, archives staff expressed the desire for flat-file cabinets to store and isolate fragile oversized documents without folding or rolling. They also wanted perforations to promote ventilation and increased circulation to prevent further deterioration, but they hadn’t been able to find museum-quality perforated flat-file cabinets on the market.

The result is a flat-file cabinet with perforations in the front and back of each drawer, as well as a perforated back panel for the back of the cabinet. The design allows the cabinets to retain their structural integrity while promoting ventilation. These special flat-file cabinets are available for the preservation of a variety of materials that require flat storage and increased ventilation.

Hanging Art option

High-Density Mobile Art Racks

These floor-mounted high-density mobile art racks can be installed in a variety of ways—either with existing floors or planned as part of new construction. Wheel sections can be nested for maximum density, while roller-guide bearing wheel assemblies offer superior racking.

All wheel sections are equipped with an in-rail anti-tip system, ensuring that large collections are safely anchored to the floor. For maximum storage density, these racks can be used in conjunction with Spacesaver’s high-density mobile storage systems, resulting in less wasted space and easy accessibility.

 Unlock Infinite Possibilities in Collection Storage!

Managing museum collections can be a real challenge – especially when it comes to finding enough space for new acquisitions. Overcrowding is an issue that no one wants to face, as it can diminish the quality of preservation and make research or display access more difficult.

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Spacesaver Storage Solutions is a great choice for museums of any size, even those situated in spaces not originally designed to be used as such! We’ll help you keep your collections safe and sound.



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