Boat Storage Solutions

Store Boats the Easy Way

Spacesaver Boat Storage Racking is designed for indoor & outdoor storage of boats – and can be designed for the size boats you’re storing and the space that you have available.

Images here show single sided, cantilever racking, but doubled sided designs are available.

Spacesaver Boat Storage Racks

Spacesaver Boat Rack drawings

All Spacesaver Storage Racking is adjustable and has accessories to make sure that your boats are secure and protected from damage. Galvanized parts prevent any rusting. Additional accessories for Boat Racks include small carts for transportability as well as mounts for holding motors. Boat storage systems are safe, reduce use of valuable space, and create the ability to easily access boats for maintenance. Boat racks are made of high-strength, top quality hot-dipped galvanized steel.

The Spacesaver Boat Rack steel structures reaches up to 5 levels, and can withstand high winds. Spacesaver Storage Racks can provide you with a fully customized boat storage rack system that offers you a clean new layout. Spacesaver Boat Racks are easy to design, ship and install.

Increase your facilities ability to safely and efficiently store more boats with our Spacesaver Rack Storage System, and these can be manufactured in high quality powder coated or galvanized steel. Spacesaver Boat Racks increase your capacity, consolidate floor space and recover vertical storage space with our dry boat rack system. Let us know what you want and we can custom fit for you!


Store boats neatly and organized enabling access any boat at any time – even the ones on the highest rack! Save time unloading and packing up your boats.


Make the most of the vertical space in your boathouse. Customize the space between racks to suit the exact height of your hulls plus they can be retrofitted to any existing boat rack.


Reducing the amount of manual labour needed to get boats on and off the racks. Adjustable arms reduce chances of hitting hulls or riggers on other boats or injuring members. A modularised system that bolts together securely.

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