Cannabis Grow System

The Spacesaver Cannabis GROW system is ideally suited for large-scale indoor cannabis cultivation.

Optimized Floorplan
Maximize Space To Increase Yields

Built For Your Space

Whether you have an existing space or are breaking ground for a new facility, we can help optimize your space to maximize your growing potential. Check out this grow floorplan for a 4,000 sq ft facility. It went from single-level static tables (approx. 1000 plants) to a high-density cultivation system (also called sliding tables or moving benches). By eliminating aisles and adding a vertical tier, the facility now produces more than 3600 plants in the same space. That’s a 360% increase!

Our carriages can extend up to 60 feet. That’s 6 feet longer than any other mobile provider! We also go vertically up to 30 feet. That’s 8 feet higher that anyone else.

Fully Integrated Systems

As a custom manufacturer, we can design and build steel shelving, trays, and other accessories to your exact specifications. We can also work with your existing tables and shelving, lighting, and other systems to create efficient, productive rooms. Whether you’re moving into an existing building or optimizing space in your existing grow, your local Spacesaver consultant can help design the optimal commercial grow room setup for your facility.

Building In Phases

We understand that credit is difficult to obtain in the emerging cannabis industry, and that’s why many of our clients install Spacesaver GROW systems in phases. By installing our systems one room at a time, or by installing the rails first and adding tables and shelving later, you can ensure an efficient transition to new, space-saving systems throughout your commercial grow or medical cannabis facility.

Tray Options

Spacesaver’s low-rise trays provide strength and durability with minimal maintenance. Designed to integrate with multi-tier GROW mobile systems and sized for a variety of standard tables, the trays prevent accidental run-off and promote proper drainage and airflow. They also fully integrate with any and all lighting and plumbing systems.

The Vertical Grow Mobile System

Static Tables

The growers’ first attempt at saving space involved placing plants on low tables. The aisles were narrow and cramped, and the tables were too wide for the employees to comfortably reach across.

Two-tier Shelves That Move

The new commercial grow room setup doubled the growing area and improved working conditions. Two levels of Spacesaver’s wide-span shelving on the ActivRAC® Mobilized Shelving System formed the core of the new floorplan.

Spacesaver Storage Solutions can design a grow room floorplan using ActivRAC. The ActivRAC system consists of shelving or pallet racking mounted on “carriages” that move along rails installed into or on top of the floor.

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