Material Handling Equipment

Order Picking Transport Cart

Order Picking Carts

Order picking carts are important in warehouse and factory operations as material handling equipment. These carts are used to move items from one place to another, improving the accuracy and efficiency of physical inventories and reducing loss due to incorrect counts.

Order picking carts also reduce the need for furniture and stationary workstations.

It can reduce work-related stress and fatigue, which promotes a better work environment and also improves employee morale. Happy employees are more productive and more likely to stay, reducing the company’s turnover rate and the cost associated with hiring, training new staff, and the transition process. Let Spacesaver Storage Solutions help you with your material handling equipment needs in Virginia and Metro D.C.

Order Picking Carts

■ Most order picking warehouses, whether industrial or mail order, are manually operated. All items in these warehouses are directly accessible on shelves. This also applies to bulky items, since the storage space on the shelf can be varied in size. Another advantage is a slight improvement in order picking performance through increased staff deployment and comparatively low investment costs.

■ In many warehouses, pickers transport the ordered items using specialized carts. Ideally, they use an optimized path to process several orders simultaneously. We offer you a large selection of order picking carts with numerous accessories. Furthermore, we offer cart that have a modular design. This gives you the opportunity to customize your trolley for your order picking system and product range.

Order cart with ladder

Roll Cages

Roll cages are an essential part of store logistics for food retailers. They can be used to quickly and efficiently transport picked goods from the central warehouse to the stores. They are even considered to be the most widely used load carriers in this industry. But roll cages are not popular only with food retailers. This form of transport is also ideal for furniture centers, clothing companies, electronics stores and contract logistics.

Transport Carts

Upon receiving products, goods often require unpacking prior to onward transportation. Our mobile box containers are always close by, and provide impressive capacity for disposing of boxes and film. The products can then be made immediately available in the warehouse. Fast transport into the order picking warehouse also minimizes the space required for receiving goods. Our wide range of large and small transport trolleys supports this task.

Whether for single packing stations or packaging lines, sufficient packaging material should always be available. With our box transport trolleys, you can quickly transport large and small shipping boxes to packing stations and facilitate short shipping lead times.

Large and heavy, or even bulky items are also transportable using trolleys from Wanzl, which are designed with these needs in mind. The various transport trolley model series are used in both specialty markets and warehouses.

Special two level transporter

Special Transporters

For collection, provision or disposal of boxes, crates and large volume packing materials.

For transporting panels, panes, mattresses and much more

For provision of packaging material – > For unfolded boxes of various sizes

Pallet Systems

The pallet is vital in warehousing and logistics. The design of stock areas, stowage space in vehicles and packing units for retail are all influenced by its measurements. The many useful properties of the pallet are given a new dimension with the use of a pallet box.

The warehouse and logistics range includes versatile pallet containers as well as practical pallet boxes. Extra unused pallet boxes and containers can be folded up and stacked to save space.

Pallet System

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