Smartcell For Hospitals

Smartcell® wire shelving delivers industry leading open wire storage allowing for easy identification of materials, through quickly adjustable storage compartments. Ultimately increasing the efficiency and speed of the order picking process.

VHospital grade chrome plating prevents sharp edges on open wire mesh baskets.
Wire mesh baskets prevent accumulation of dirt and debris, leading to better aseptic practices.
12″ and 18″ Fine mesh wire baskets come in lengths of 18″ and 36″ stable for mounting on louvered panels or cantilever pedestal frame.
Four different adjustable dividers provide endless variation to storage space and also create opportunity to implement lean inventory management practices, such as KanBan and Par level systems.
Pedestal frames and louvered panels are finished with industrial strength powder coat to enhance the durability and longevity of the finish.
Bottom dust shelf/cover provides a barrier and protection to bottom basket contents, maintaining Joint Commission standards.
Full length label holders are available, as well as our snap and release label holder that provides color coded storage options for various departments.
Optional mobile bracket attaches to pedestal frame and allows the units to be moved for cle

Smartcell® wire shelving basket carts and racks provide an efficient solution for hospital supply storage. Its open design allows easy identification of materials with adjustable storage compartments that can be quickly configured to your needs.

With kits in various adjustable sizes, you can easily customize the wire shelving basket carts to your needs. All unit kits come with a 74″ frame, hang bars, and a dust shelf with each component coated with industrial-grade powder coating. The chrome-plated baskets are ideal for hospital use in materials management and nursing supply storage as they are easy to clean and organize. Accessories include casters, basket brackets, dividers, louver panels, label holders, suture baskets, and more.

New Smart Cell Option with Round Posts

New design utilizing our standard round post for easy custom configuration of mobile carts for greater mobility and visibility.

• Allows for easy integration of standard wire shelves and baskets.
• Baskets are available in a flat configuration or can be angled for easier access.
• Adjustable dividers provide endless variations to the basket interiors and also create opportunities to implement lean inventory management practices such as Kanban and PAR level systems.
• Bottom dust shelf/ cover provides a barrier and protection to bottom basket contents maintaining joint commission standards.
• Available in 36”, 48”, and 60” widths and 18” and 24” Depths.
• Post‘s come in sizes ranging from 14”, 27”, 34”, 43”, 54”, 63”, 74”, 86”. Special post lengths are available. -See page 4 for model numbers.
• Come with Donut bumpers and Castors
• All fine mesh wire baskets are plated in hospital-grade Chrome and the framework is finished with industrial strength powder coat to enhance the durability and longevity of the system.

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