Spacesaver Storage Solutions has been working hard on many projects.  We would like to share some of our most recent projects.

We call what we do: “Engineered Storage Solutions”, which is perhaps a fancy way of saying it, but then probably more accurate than saying we “sell shelving”.

The projects we work on vary widely as do the industries and markets that we work in, but all projects share a common theme: helping someone be more efficient with storing and managing their “stuff”. With that in mind, this section is designed to highlight some of our local projects and products and the engineered solution that they represent.

We’ve also included some unique projects, where standard product was used in a non-standard way to solve an interesting problem, and we love those challenges!

So, please enjoy reviewing our projects, and we look forward to working on yours!

Our Products in Action:

Naval Storage

A naval hospital needed a complete storage solution for its valuable inventory of surgical instruments and packed sterile kits. The hospital required a storage system that would:

  • Preserve the instruments’ sterility and accessibility
  • Simplify inventory management while still remaining configurable and flexible, and
  • Fit in a constrained space with low ceilings.

Our design consultant created a solution to protect, organize, and provide easy access to the hospital’s surgical instruments. The solution consists of wire shelving on stainless steel ActivRAC with stainless rail, along with a Hänel system that stores surgical instruments in bins.


Heater and Generator Lift

A Virginia Beach Navy Installation was limited in warehouse space.  Inside the warehouse, they stored everything from maintenance tools, to tires for a variety of vehicles, both large and small, as well as heaters, generators and DTO’s.   These heaters, generators and DTO’s were on built in carts for easy transfer but could not be stacked.  They took up a large footprint of the already small warehouse.  A better storage solution was needed.

After speaking with the Chief Warrant Officer, Spacesaver Storage Solutions learned that the heaters, generators and DTO’s were used for various missions.  Being all different sizes, a small one might be needed, yet may be stored several others in the back. Quick and easy access to those became challenging.  Our solution derived from a solution applied within the medical field.  Bed Lift storage.  Taking the model of vertical storage as well as lift automation was a no-brainer.  After speaking with the Engineers at Vidir, Spacesaver Storage Solutions provided the weights, lengths, widths and heights of each heater, generator and DTO.  We came up with a 3 level, 2 unit or 600 lb max per level system.  This system provided vertical storage for each of their units, as well as providing easy access without forklifts or risk of injury to the end user.  We increased their warehouse storage capacity by another 40%.


Hanover County chose Spacesaver Storage Solutions LLC to provide eight (8)six (6) high density mobile systems for their new Courthouse Building that opened January 2017.  Working with the Clerks of the Courts and Moseley Architects, we designed a mix of powered systems with state of the art electronic safety features and mechanical assist (hand crank) systems  to keep the personnel and valuable historic records safe.  Significant time was spent inventorying and working closely with Moseley Architects and the Clerks to make sure we stored the items in the necessary fashion and could find a place for everything.

A mix of roller shelving that is common in Courthouses for large heavy plat books and standard shelving was used on the Spacesaver systems.  In addition, we moved and added on to existing systems, re-using as much of the existing materials as possible to save costs and be good stewards of the environment.  In some cases, custom size shelves were used to best store the many odd size boxes of historic treasures.

The project also included the relocation of the physical files from the courts.  Files were unloaded from multiple locations, packed onto carts, transported to the new building and loaded into the new shelving systems, and this was done alongside the relocation of the existing shelving.

Vehicle Maintenance Garage for a Local Utility Company

A local utility company was furnishing a new Vehicle Maintenance Garage and we worked with their architect to design work and storage space for their maintenance equipment and tools.  Solutions included some simple work benches along with shelving units and bin storage systems, including high density bin storage units for storing a significant amount of small parts.

VCU Police Personnel Duty Lockers and Evidence Lockers

Due to rapid growth at Virginia Commonwealth University, the old Police building was not sufficient anymore. In the new building,  Spacesaver personnel duty lockers and evidence were chosen because the Chief liked our outstanding quality, fit and finish, and our products proven ability to withstand rough treatment for many years . The Chief and general contractor realized that many times low-cost means that in a few years, the product does not work as well as it should. With Spacesaver Storage Solutions, we guarantee  our quality and stand behind our product with local service teams.

Social Services Department

A social services department in a local county was undergoing renovations of their space and needed a significant amount of filing capacity for their records.  They worked with a Richmond architect and Spacesaver to provide a mechanical assist filing system that was installed during the renovation, and ready to receive their files when they moved in!  The project also included, in another area, the re-location of a 30 year old Spacesaver System that had been moved twice before and is still working great; a testament to the durability of Spacesaver equipment!

Hunter Holmes McGuire Veterans Hospital

The Hunter Holmes McGuire Veterans Hospital and Spacesaver solved a shortage of space in the warehouse. During the last several years, the demand for office space and clinical space at the hospital exploded. Not only was the existing warehouse too small but part of it was going to be used for a higher priority– offices for clinicians. The Chief of Materials Management at the hospital was familiar with compact shelving from our years of assisting him with supply storage in clean rooms, small supply rooms and medical records and pharmacy storage. He wondered if we had a ” moveable racking” solution. Spacesaver’ unique ActivRAC compact shelving proved to be the solution for more storage.

Government Facility

A local government facility needed to consolidate mail and package delivery operations for a new building, and selected our beautiful Mail Lockers with Zephyr keypad locks to provide an efficient, safe and secure mail and package delivery room for the facility.

Hanel Vertical Lift

Installation just completed of 2 Hanel Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs), or Lean Lifts in a local warehousing facility.  The VLMs will provide inventory control and security, as well as significant increased storage capacity in the 27’ tall lifts that were designed to fit into the tight space constraints in the existing facility!

Extra Wide Storage Capability

When the military get the call to deploy, they need to be ready for anything. That means they need to store a wide variety of equipment and supplies, and their gear needs to be kept organized and easily accessible to ensure a quick and effective response.  A military group needed to create a better storage solution for their gear, which included items such as ladders, bins, duty bags, and toolboxes of various sizes.

They needed a system that could:

  • Accommodate large and bulky items
  • Stay organized to facilitate gear retrieval, replacement, and inventory
  • Be reconfigured as gear was acquired and retired
  • Be locked down to prevent “borrowing”
  • Optimize space in an under-utilized area in the warehouse

A system was designed that met all their needs. To provide plenty of vertical and horizontal space, the solution includes 10’ tall RaptorRAC™ Widespan Shelving on “piggy-back” or extra-wide compact mobile systems. Custom-engineered back panels prevent items from sliding off the shelving, and waist-high locking mechanisms provide security.

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Bi-File Storage Systems with Tambour Doors

Installation of Two Bi-File Storage Systems with Tambour Doors to provide security for stored materials.

Elementary Library

A local Elementary School undertook a renovation that included the school library, and Spacesaver Storage Solutions provided cantilever shelving units that were mostly designed as mobile carts to create an extremely flexible space for the library.  The Spacesaver Shelving carts create temporary walls and work spaces that can easily be moved to re-purpose the space as needed.

College Library

The CNU Trible Library underwent a significant expansion and renovation that included expansion of student spaces.  Part of the renovation included 5 Spacesaver High Density Compact Shelving Systems for a portion of the library’s collection.  The work involved recessing rails in the newly poured concrete floors and each Mechanical Assist System included Mechanical Safety Sweep in the aisles.


The Mariners’ Museum originally housed its archive materials at the Trible Library at Christopher Newport University.  When the university started a project to expand its library, the collection had to be moved.  Spacesaver Storage Solutions worked with the museum staff for close to a year to design compact shelving systems to house the collection in an old gallery space.  While the “shape” of the space made the design somewhat challenging, we were able to come up with a design that allowed the museum to house almost their entire archive collection.  The systems incorporate a mix of 4-post shelving, heavy duty drawers and cantilever shelving.  They are powered systems that utilized programmable lights that automatically turn on when an aisle is in use and turn off after a programmed amount of time.  This feature helps preserve the collection by having the least amount of light on the materials as possible.

Energy Company

A large local utility company under went a renovation of their shop in Chester, VA.  The chosen product for this project was Rousseau of Canada.  Spacesaver Storage Solutions worked with a local architect to design the necessary shop equipment.  This included workstations with butcher block tops and heavy duty drawers.  We also installed overhead cabinets and shelving.   Behind some of the workstations, we installed louvered panels that can hold plastic bins and tools.

Social Services

New Kent Social Services kept paper file folders in traditional vertical file cabinets.  They were looking to improve capacity.  Knowing Spacesaver was the place to turn for High Density Compact Shelving, they contacted us and we conducted a needs analysis which determined how much more filing capacity High Density Compact Shelving Offered. New Kent was sold immediately with the value and the professional installation service we offered.

Church Altar

An Episcopal church in Virginia was renovating its sanctuary and needed to create flexible space for multiple uses.  The large marble altar was located near the back of the sanctuary, just a few feet in front of the back wall, which meant that the reverend and vestry didn’t have much room to conduct services. They wanted to find a way to move the heavy altar out front so they could comfortably stand behind it and be closer to the congregation.  They didn’t want the altar to stay there, though, because it took up a lot of space. They wanted to be able to move it back against the stained glass wall when plays, gatherings, or other activities were taking place in the front part of the church.

They contacted their local Spacesaver consultant, who worked with the architect to design a creative solution. Together they determined that a mobile carriage system could be covered with wood framing and carpet to blend in with the rest of the sanctuary and provide a platform for the altar. A battery-powered carriage system mounted on recessed rail provided a safe and discrete means of sliding the altar back and forth. Spacesaver added sound-deadening material in the carriage, along with framing supports to allow a carpenter to build the rounded platform around it.

The Spacesaver solution creates a flexible space that is comfortable and effective during services as well as large enough for plays and other special events.

Do you have a project that is unique and needs a special touch?